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Deceivingly Easy Hairstyles for Busy Mornings

Have you ever had the kind of morning where you want to leave the house looking cute but you’re running too far behind to really put care into your appearance? Maybe you found time for some lipstick and mascara or a nice outfit, but it’s too late to fully blow dry and straighten your hair!

Check out these deceivingly easy hairstyles that look complicated but are actually very quick to do!

1. Ponytail curls

VIEW IN GALLERYPonytail curls

(Source: Cosmopolitan)

Are you set on the idea of loose curls for your day but you don’t have time for a full set done in layers? Use a strip of nylon to tie your hair up high because it won’t crease your hair. Next, Wrap your entire ponytail around the curling iron and hold it for a few seconds. Release the ponytail, take out the nylon, and enjoy your curls!

2. Twisted summer scarf updo

VIEW IN GALLERYTwisted summer scarf updo(Source: Olwomen)

This almost-effortless scarf is a quick fix for a busy morning because it hides most of your hair, but in an adorable, bohemian style way.

3. The low knot


(Source: Jada Beauty)

If you’re hair’s already tied in knots, why not embrace it? This low bun looks classy, but it’s created by actually tying quick knots in your hair!

4. Knotted ponytail

VIEW IN GALLERYKnotted ponytail

(Source: The Beauty Department)

If you like the knotted style but a classy bun isn’t your thing, try this charmingly messy knotted ponytail instead!

5. A tidy hair bow

VIEW IN GALLERYA tidy hair bow

(Source: We See Rainbows)

If you’re really pressed for time but you don’t want to leave your hair down and unruly, try this adorable (and ridiculously simple) hair bow trick.

6. The illusion ponytail

VIEW IN GALLERYThe illusion ponytail

(Source: Free People)

Splitting your hair into two layered ponytails rather than one high one gives the illusion that it’s doubly as long as it really is. This method is perfect for mornings where you don’t have time to clip your extensions in!

7. A single twist

VIEW IN GALLERYA single twist

(Source: Long Hairstyles How To)

This simple pinned twist is another quick way to add a bit of flair to your look without spending much time or making yourself late.

8. Fake bangs


(Source: Makeup Wearables)

If your real bangs are having a bit of an off day, cover them stylishly by quickly turning the ends of your hair into an extra layer of fake bangs!

9. Simple front twist

VIEW IN GALLERYSimple front twist

(Source: The Small Things Blog)

If a layer of fake bangs doesn’t fix your problem, try pulling them back out of the way instead. A simple twist looks pretty and effortless.

10. The tease and tie

VIEW IN GALLERYThe tease and tie

(Source: The Beauty Department)

This style tames your wild tresses just a little without taking a lot of time of do it. Braid it, twist it, or simply grab some sections from the front; however you choose to tie your strands back will look cute with a little bit of teasing at the crown.

11. A twisted ponytail

VIEW IN GALLERYA twisted ponytail

(Source: Cup of Jo)

Especially if you fell asleep with your hair wet, you might not be able to get the smooth ponytail look you were hoping for. Embrace some texture by twisting your hair into a ponytail instead!

12. The “grown up” half up-half down 

VIEW IN GALLERYThe %22grown up%22 half up-half down

(Source: Marie Claire)

Embrace a little bit of messy wave to frame your face when you sweep half your hair up! Leave the rest down to match and make the look softer.

13. Faux braids


(Source: Bebexo)

Braids are a great way to get messy locks under control, but they can be time consuming. Save a few minutes by looping your hair through itself.

14. Simple triple twist

VIEW IN GALLERYSimple triple twist

(Source: Babble)

Embrace the twists and curls in your hair! Three twists in the back gives you a way to tuck flyaway hairs in without spending a lot of time trying to get a super polished look.

15. Pinned criss crossing

VIEW IN GALLERYPinned criss crossing

(Source: Fashion Hairstyles)

Wrapping your hair around the back in small sections creates a cool woven effect, but it only takes you a few minutes to do!

Do you have another quick-fix solution for busy mornings with messy hair? Link us to pictures of your own style in the comments section!