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Green DIY: Craft Your Own Vertical Vegetable Garden That Takes up Little Space

With winter now firmly behind us, some homeowners are busy tending to their revitalized garden and shaping it for warmer seasons ahead. But there are many others who do not have the joy of a lovely green garden due to obvious lack of space or being trapped in concrete, urban jungles. But the efficient DIY project showcased today brings a herb, vegetable or flower garden to even the tiniest of modern apartments and does so in captivating style.

VIEW IN GALLERYDIY Vertical Vegetable Garden

Crafting your own DIY Vertical Vegetable Garden is one of the easiest and most aesthetic ways of adding greenery to your home without a whole lot of effort. Made using boxes of wood that are wall-mounted, this project needs minimal square footage even while cutting down your carbon footprint dramatically! Whether you just love some greenery, want to grow your own herbs and a few veggies or wish to live a healthier, more planet-friendly lifestyle, this vertical garden is the way to go.

Things You Need for the DIY Vertical Garden:

  • Miter or circular saw
  • Cordless drill and 1⁄8 inch drill bit
  • Staple gun and 1/2 electric cord staples
  • 3x  8′ long cedar  1x8s
  • 4x 8′ long cedar 1x3s
  • 8x 8′ long cedar 1x2s
  • Hammer and Tape measure
  • Gloves, Safety glasses and dust mask
  • Pencil and Scissors
  • Tin snips or cutting pliers
  • Roll of wire hardware cloth, 1/2″ gap
  • Roll of weed blocker fabric

The project showcased here uses cedar to make the wooden boxes as it can withstand the wear and tear caused by the elements. You can obviously choose a different variety of wood in case your project takes up a sunny wall in the kitchen of the living room.

5 slats of wood make up the front and back of these larger, easy-to-craft boxes while the side panels use solid cedar. Shorter boxes can be crafted with just 4 slats instead of the 5. The bottom also uses cedar slats to account for drainage and proper aeration. Once you have your box ready, it is time to cover the bottom with the mesh and then use the weed blocker fabric for the two sides with slats and the bottom.

VIEW IN GALLERYVertical Garden DIY using wooden boxes

It is time to stack up the boxes as shown in the image above and you are good to go! You can head over to Man Made DIY for a more detail step-by-step set of instructions that will guide you through the process along with more project resources.

Feel free to share you results and your experiences with the DIY project along with us below. Good luck with your new, gorgeous green vertical garden!