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Display with Style: 13 Tiny and Charming DIY Trinket Dishes

We all have those little items that we love to keep on display, but struggle to find a designated area for. Whether it’s accessories, keys or little items that you’ve bought while traveling, you’d want to keep them visible at all times while still maintaining order in your home. Trinket dishes are the perfect solution! They are chic and adorable, their small size ideal for the households that embrace minimalism. Get started with these 13 DIY trinket dishes!

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1. Marbled Clay Trinket Dish 


Marbleized decorations are all the rage right now but if you like to swim against the current, you can take it a step further and give the marble pattern some color to make it even more remarkable and unique. A Beautiful Mess shows you how!

2. Gold Dipped Trinket Dish 


If you plan to use your trinket dish for displaying your favorite accessory pieces, A Fabulous Fete‘s gold dipped trinket dish is perfect for the job. The elegant and simplistic style is ideal to make your jewelry visible and the addition of metallic gold will match the golden pieces in your collection marvelously.

3. Sunburst Trinket Dish 


The sunburst style is very modern and energetic. Thanks to Jaymee Srp, you can easily create your very own trinket dish that is decorated with the sunburst pattern, making a very special piece that instantly catches the eye and brings attention to whatever it’s displaying.

4. Tropical Trinket Dish 


Tropical motives are a great way to celebrate the warm climate and embody it within a decor piece. Lia Griffith‘s tropical trinket dishes are so charming they might just outshine your accessories! Even when you have nothing to display, they will look equally as beautiful when empty.

5. Constellation Trinket Dish 


The universe is vast and mysterious; it’s no wonder we can’t get enough of celestial-themed decorations! Inkstruck Studio has a tutorial for lovely trinket dishes that resemble the night sky and feature golden constellations. These trinket dishes are a total dream piece!

6. Tripod Trinket Dish 


Regular trinket dishes don’t normally have legs, but the tripod ones we stumbled upon at Enthralling Gumption are an amazing exception! The raised look makes the trinket dishes very eye-catching, despite their small size and gentle pastel coloring.

7. Hexagon Trinket Dish 


Metallic color hues and geometric shapes are extremely popular right now, so it makes sense that when you combine them together you get an outstanding contemporary decor piece that will totally leave you in awe. Check out how Homeyohmy brought together a hexagon shape and golden color to make trinket dishes!

8. Polymer Clay Trinket Dish 


If you have some polymer clay on hand, XO Jane has the perfect project that will put it to good work! You can create a colorful clay trinket dish with a marble-like pattern that will be a very useful piece if you have a ton of rings and bracelets that still need their designated place.

9. Cookie Cutter Trinket Dishes 


You desperately need some trinket dishes but you’re really not into the classic bowl-shaped dishes that are so trendy right now. If you have cookie cutters at hand you can quickly make your very own collection of trinket dishes in the most unique shapes. Aww Sam shares the inside scoop!

10. Gilded Glass Trinket Dish 


With a little help from Make & Fable, a simple glass dish with a plain look can become a chic trinket dish that looks like it cost hundreds of dollars. The secret actually lies in white spray paint and golden paint marker, both of which are super budget-friendly!

11. Gold Animal Trinket Dish 


Your trinket dishes can have a very special look if you add another element to them that is going to catch everyone’s attention. We’re talking about golden animals! Place them in the center of the trinket dish to make them truly superior and unexpected.   Taylor Bradford can show you how!

12. Pastel Trinket Dish 


Are you in love with pastel color tones? Fall for DIY has the perfect trinket dish for you! The mix of gentle pastel tones, both dark and light, creates a marvelous element that brings much softness into the living space. Whatever you choose to place on the trinket dish is going to have a truly charming backdrop.

13. Stamped Trinket Dishes 


If you want to keep your trinket dish as simplistic as possible, Alice & Lois can help you out! You would like the dishes to carry some sort of minimalist decoration and what better way to bring this to life than through stamped trinket dishes!