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Cute DIY Glasses and Sunglasses Cases

Do you find that your glasses and sunglasses get scratched up on the lenses when you put them in your purse? Are you always setting them down somewhere and then forgetting where you’ve set them, worrying that they’ll get damaged if someone sits on them or knocks them off the end of a table? Keep your glasses and sunglasses in a case can help you with a lot of these problems! Do you know what’s more fun than buying any old glasses case at the store, though? I think we all know the answer to that question by this point: making your own case!

Check out these 15 stylish but practical DIY glasses and sunglasses cases that will protect your eyewear, but also look pretty cool.

1. Handbag pouch set

VIEW IN GALLERYHandbag pouch set

If you’re comfortable with simple sewing projects, then this matching purse set for all of your little trinkets is a great project for you! The glasses sleeve is simple, but it will definitely keep your lenses from becoming scratched, unlike when you toss them carelessly into your purse with things like pens and keys! Check out the patterns for these on Crafty Nest.

2. Soft folding top case

VIEW IN GALLERYSoft folding top case

Have you have glasses sleeves before but you found that your glasses or sunglasses started slipping out the top and into your purse anyways? Try this design instead! Instructables shows you how to make a soft fabric case with a folding top and band fasten so that the glasses actually stay where they’re supposed to be.

3. Leather and fabric snapping case

VIEW IN GALLERYLeather and fabric snapping case

Do you like the idea of sewing your own case, but you’d rather something a little fancier than just a cloth sleeve? Check out this leather snapping sunglasses case by Angela Osborn instead! Leather can be a little hard to work with, especially for beginners, but if you’re careful and pay attention to detail, you’ll create a beautiful finished product!

4. Tasseled pouch

VIEW IN GALLERYTasseled pouch

Do you actually quite like the idea of a very simple pouch but you’d like a way to close the pouch that’s just as easy to make? Try this tasseled drawstring design by Strut! We love the contrasting patterned fabric at the bottom of the pouch for a little stylish flair.

5. Snapping wristlet case

VIEW IN GALLERYSnapping wristlet case

Have you ever seen those change purses with a snapping clasp at the top, making it easy to get to your things but not easy for them to escape? Well, you can use those same clasps to make an adorable glasses case! U-Handbag shows you how to attach the clasp and also a wristlet that lets you carry your glasses on their own or clip your keys to the case.

6. Stitched fabric case

VIEW IN GALLERYStitched fabric case

Here’s another sewn fabric case idea for you, from Here Comes the Sun! This design has a bit of a flourish, however, in the form of an adorable plastic charm in the corner. You might follow suit and attach a flower to your own case when you make it, or choose something else.

7. Soft patterned leather case

VIEW IN GALLERYSoft patterned leather case

Did you like the idea of a leather case but you’re not sure you like that dark, hard, shiny leather very much because it holds its shape, making it harder to fit into a small purse? That doesn’t mean that your leather options are over! We adore this softer leather design by Whimsey Box, especially paired with a hand painted shape pattern and some visible neon stitching.

8. Upcycled tie case

VIEW IN GALLERYUpcycled tie case

As always, we have to sneak at least one upcycling project into the lineup! This time, you’ll be repurposing an old men’s tie into a glasses sleeve with a folding flap that stays closed with a bit of Velcro. Get the full instructions for sewing this case on Trends with Benefits.

9. Zipping “sunnies” case with pom pom

VIEW IN GALLERYZipping %22sunnies%22 case with pom pom

Perhaps you’d prefer a glasses or sunglasses case design that’s a little wilder and a lot more fun than a simple sleeve? We think this “sunnies” case, which has a cute pom pom an is actually shaped like a pair of glasses is the perfect solution! It also zips closed, so you know your glasses will actually stay where you put them! See how it’s done on Riley Blake Designs.

10. Buttoning crochet case

VIEW IN GALLERYButtoning crochet case

Maybe you don’t sew but you’re very good at crochet? Then you still have all the skills you need to make a cute DIY glasses case! We love this fabric lined crochet case with a loop and button to keep it closed. Top Inspired has the simple pattern for you!

11. Easy drawstring case

VIEW IN GALLERYEasy drawstring case

We already included one drawstring case tutorial on this list, but we know that not everyone is into tassels. If your tastes are a little simpler, then you might like this little fabric pouch tutorial from Sew DIY  a bit better!

12. Cute bow case

VIEW IN GALLERYCute bow case

See Kate Sew suggests putting an elastic in one end of a sleeve glasses case to keep them inside. They also suggest hiding the pinched opening with an adorable bow! We love how cute and feminine the finished product looks.

13. Hard washi tape case

VIEW IN GALLERYHard washi tape case

Maybe you already have a hard glasses case that you like using all the time, but you’d also like to give it a bit of a facelift? Washi tape is here to save your day! Check out how this striped, multi-patterned case was created on Washi Tape Crafts.

14. Glasses printed case

VIEW IN GALLERYGlasses printed case

We think this glasses case by Confection is completely hilarious! Your friends will certainly know they’ve found the right thing if you ever ask them to reach into your purse and find your glasses for you. The case also snaps shut to keep your lenses safe.

15. Suede glasses wrap

VIEW IN GALLERYSueded glasses wrap

In the interest of changing up styles, why not try this DIY suede glasses wrap instead of making an actual case? This is probably the simplest project on the list, but it’s also an effective way of protecting your glasses. The soft material folds across the front of the glasses to protect the lenses, held in place by the wrapped string. Check out how it’s done on Hello Little Home!

Do you know someone whose glasses or sunglasses lenses are always scratched up? Share this post with them to help them solve that using their DIY and crafting skills!