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The Beauty of Functionality: 10 DIY Storage Chests

Storage space is always a big topic in any household. We all want to keep our home neat and orderly, without necessary clutter lying all around. This raises the question of where do we store all of the items that don’t serve any purpose at a given moment? Storage chests are one of the greatest storage solutions; they are big, beautiful and enduring! If you want to make one yourself take a peek at our roundup of DIY storage chests! 

1. Blanket Storage Chest 


During the winter we usually spend our nights wrapped into a million blankets to stay warm in the face of low temperatures. Once the sun rises in the morning and when the seasons change, we are immediately faced with a problem of where to store all these blankets? Get the tutorial for a big blanket storage chest at Build Something!

2. Toy Storage Chest 


If you have children, you know that keeping their room tidy is almost impossible thanks to the countless toys that are always lying around. The easiest way to conquer this problem is by making a big toy storage chest that can store all of the toys! Jaime Costiglio shares the instructions.

3. Office Storage Chest 


Your work environment should always be kept clean and orderly, otherwise you might have a challenge concentrating. If you work in an office you know that the paperwork can pile up and soon you find yourself drowning in the mess! Martha Stewart knows better – find out how she made an office storage chest.

4. Simplistic Storage Chest 


Remember that a storage chest’s main purpose is to be functional and make your domestic life much easier. You don’t have to obsess over its appearance too much; so long as it blends into your interior it’s going to be fine. Bitterroot made a simplistic storage chest and despite the lack of ornaments and decoration it looks splendid!

5. Rustic Storage Chest 


A big rustic chest in the middle of a living room is a piece that infuses the whole space with unspoken nostalgia. It’s perfect for those who love old-fashioned decor pieces and even though this is an expensive hobby, thanks to Woodshop Diaries you can make a rustic storage chest yourself and ditch antiquing for a while!

6. Entryway Storage Chest 


We always emphasize that an entryway is the first impression your house makes and as such, it has to look the part! It’s the first place your guests step into and it definitely calls for some storage space aside from the regular coat rack. You can start with this entryway storage chest by Handmade Haven!

7. Coffee Table Storage Chest 


Maybe you’re wondering where in the world would you even put a storage chest when you already have so many decorative elements. There’s no need to overcrowd your home even more! Instead, bring together functional and decorative, just like Shanty 2 Chic did with this coffee table storage chest!

8. Window Seat Storage Chest 


Every little corner of your home can be turned into functional storage space if only you allow your imagination to run free! Making Home Base turned a simple window seat into a big storage chest that looks like an organic part of the dining area even when it’s filled to the brim!

9. Sisal Rope Storage Chest 


Before you start building your storage chest you already have a general idea in your mind of how you want it to look like. If your vision calls for a dark pallet chest, The Project Lady can help you out! Our favorite part is the sisal rope that gives the whole chest a nautical touch.

10. Bench Storage Chest 


There are many ways to DIY an indoor bench, but if you want to take this project beyond the decorative aspect, Better Than Built is the place to go! Making a storage chest that doubles as a bench is a really smart way breathe life into your storage solution!