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Gentle and Delicate: 12 DIY Silk Creations  

If you’ve ever handled silk at all, you know that it’s so smooth it can practically slip out of your hands. It’s one of the most delicate fabrics out there and that’s exactly what makes it so special. Silk has a dignified and elegant look, so anything you create with it is going to feel graceful without even trying. Get inspired with these 12 DIY silk creations! 

1. Silk Dress


Our favorite way to use silk is to make a light dress that is so lightweight you’ll feel as if you have nothing on at all. You can use it as a night gown or wear it as a summer dress on the warmest days on the year. Find out how you can make it at A Pair & A Spare!

2. Colored Silk 


If you’ve bought plain silk fabric on discount and you now wish to give it some color there are a few different ways to color it. The first one is by using a permanent marker! It doesn’t sound like the most fancy way, but it’s an absolutely magical process that gives great results and you can see it up close at Mireio.

3. Dyed Silk Ribbons 


Another way to color silk is with a simple dip dye technique, which is super fast and spares you creating a big mess. You can copy Cosmo Cricket‘s idea and dip dye silk ribbons that you can then use for a variety of different projects or just hang them around the house as decoration!

4. Silk Hair Bow 


When you don’t feel like spending hours on styling your hair but you’ve been asked out on a date and you really want to show up looking neat and stylish, a hair bow is a total life saver! The House That Lars Built is going to show you how to make one from silk!

5. Silk Roses 


You can never have too many faux roses, since their use is so versatile and they have the power to bring a certain softness to anything you put them on. Maybe you’ll be wrapping a gift or decorating a jacket – either way, Sewandso‘s tutorial for silk roses finds you right on time!

6. Silk Pumpkins 


Halloween only happens in October but the hunting for the most creative pumpkin ideas takes place all year long! You can make 2018 the year of elegant pumpkins by giving them an exceptional silk look that’s soon going to catch on with anyone who sees them! Get the tutorial at Crafts ’n Coffee.

7. Play Silk 


Kids love to play with different materials! No matter how many plushy toys you buy them, they’ll always be reaching for your hair and your keys. Prepare for their curiosity and love of exploration with these colorful play silks we found at Live Well Travel Often!

8. Marbled Silk 


Not only can you color the silk in any color you want, you can also give it a beautiful marbleized style by following the instructions at Celebrate Creativity. Marble silk makes a wonderful accessory and a very thoughtful gift as well. Whether you’ll be making it for yourself or for someone else, it’s always a charming choice!

9. Silk Pillow 


Sleeping on silk pillows is one of those experiences that make you feel like you are true royalty. It’s something you maybe always dreamed of but now it can actually become your reality, thanks to the tutorial for a lovely silk pillow by Handmade Modern Home!

10. Silk Watch Band 


We all get tired of our hand watch eventually; it happens! You bought your watch a few years ago and now it just isn’t very trendy anymore, so it’s time for a new one. Rather than having to buy a whole new watch, simply replace the old watch band with a silk one, as you can see at One Craf DIY Girl!

11. Silk Necklace 


Who doesn’t love a fancy necklace that totally spices up your whole outfit! There’s a whole variety of accessories available for purchase but none of them quite so elegant or special as this silk necklace by Pillar Box Blue that you get to make yourself and so be sure it’s the only one of its kind!

12. Silk Tassel Bracelet 


Another accessory piece that you can make from silk are these super fun tassel bracelets that are going to bring some dynamic to your personal style, especially if you opt for tassels in several different colors! Get the inside scoop at Lotts and Lots!