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Bright, Fun Projects for Sequin Lovers

Who doesn’t love a little sparkle and shine in their day? Once of the best way to brighten things up is to incorporate sequins into your fashion and decor! Sure, sequins involve hand sewing sometimes, but using them in DIY projects is a lot easier than you’d think!

Check out these awesome ways to use sequins in your handmade endeavours!

1. Sequin worded sweatshirt

VIEW IN GALLERYSequin worded sweatshirt

(Source: A Beautiful Mess)

A little bit of hand sewing goes a long way! Spell out a word you love in a simple double row of sequins. All it takes is a little patience!

2. Sequinned chocolate boxes

VIEW IN GALLERYSequinned chocolate boxes

(Source: Freutcake)

Your Valentine or loved one will be wowed by sequins before they even open their gift!

3. Sequinned star barette

VIEW IN GALLERYSequinned star barette

(Source: Kristi Murphy)

Shine like a bright star (literally) with this adorable DIY hair clip.

4. Jumbo sequin polka dot tee

VIEW IN GALLERYJumbo sequin polka dot tee

(Source: Brit + Co.)

Single jumbo sequins are an awesome way to catch the light in a slightly more subtle manner.

5. Sequinned camera strap

VIEW IN GALLERYsequinned camera strap

(Source: Sugar & Cloth)

Just because you want to be taken seriously as a professional photographer doesn’t mean you can’t look awesome while you’re at it.

6. Flared sequinned skirt

VIEW IN GALLERYFlared sequinned skirt

(Source: These Days)

Don’t be intimidated by the idea of sewing an entirely sequinned garment! This tutorial walks you through every step.

7. Sequin collared tee

VIEW IN GALLERYSequin collared tee

(Source: The Forge)

Transform a plain t-shirt into a statement piece easily!

8. Sequin embellished shoulders

VIEW IN GALLERYSequin embellished shoulders

(Source: Pearls & Scissors)

Single sequins intermingled with little seed beads makes for a beautifully delicate embellishment that catches the eye.

9. Sequin-toed flats

VIEW IN GALLERYSequin-toed flats

(Source: Miss Kris)

You don’t even need to sew these ones! Strong glue like E6000 will help you use sequins to transform your flats from boring to bold.

10. Sequin chain necklace

VIEW IN GALLERYSequin chain necklace

(Source: Brit + Co.)

A fine chain balances out bright sequins in an edgy yet delicate way.

11. Sequinned chandelier

VIEW IN GALLERYSequinned chandelier

(Source: FabYouBliss)

Jumbo sequins incorporated into a chandelier will help you catch the light around the room without investing in an expensive glass or jewelled light fixture.

12. Sequinned infinity scarf

VIEW IN GALLERYSequinned infinity scarf

(Source: Restyle Restore Rejoice)

Seriously, what sounds better than “infinity” and “sequins” in one sentence?

13. Sequinned swizzle sticks

VIEW IN GALLERYSequinned swizzle sticks

(Source: Freutcake)

If you’re looking to really dazzle your dinner guests with awesome attention to detail, these sequinned swizzle sticks for remembering whose drink is whose will do the trick.

14. Sequin embellished shorts

VIEW IN GALLERYSequin embellished shorts

(Source: A Pair & A Spare)

Take those old shorts you’ve been meaning to customize from messy-casual to classy-casual in one afternoon.

15. Sequinned hangers

VIEW IN GALLERYSequinned hangers

(Source: Five Minute Style)

Who says you can’t stash some sequinned details around your home too? You’ll feel much more ready for a night out if you hang your outfit on this glamorous hanger!

Have you created other sequinned DIY projects that we absolutely must see? Link us to pictures of your work in the comments section!