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Breathtakingly Beautiful: 15 Awesome DIY Holographic Projects

If you’re the kind of crafty project lover who loves to keep on tops of trends in fashion and the DIY world, then we have no doubt that you’re probably just as obsessed with holographic things right now as we are! The fact that there are so many shining pieces to buy in stores makes us happy, but it also motivates us to figure out a way to make our own holographic inspired things at home.

Just in case you’re as determined to try your hand at holographic DIY projects as we were, if not more, here are 15 of the very best ideas that we’ve come across so far in our search for inspiration!

1. DIY holographic laptop case


In our world, anything can be customized thanks to our DIY skills. Even our technology is fair game! Combine that with our love for holographic things and we’re sure it’ll come as absolutely no surprise to you that we were totally crazy about this homemade holographic laptop case outlined step by step on Lucykiins.

2. Holographic vase


Are you the kind of crafty home enthusiast who loves using your DIY skills to spice up your apartment and incorporate your favourite things into the scheme? Well, if you also like having flowers (real or faux) around your house, then we think you’ll get along very well indeed with something like this shiny holographic vase featured in detail on A Beautiful Mess.

3. Holographic clock face


Are you completely in love with the sort of pink-ish iridescent finish you saw in the project above but you don’t really tend to keep vases around your house? Then maybe you’d prefer to give your wall clock a shiny makeover instead! Studio DIY is here to show you how they made this great piece in just a few surprisingly simple steps.

4. Holographic glitter slime


What’s even better than the silver or iridescent shine of holographic things? Why, that same shine when they’re mixed with glitter, of course! We’ve always been huge slime fans so we’re sure you can imagine how we got even more excited than usual when we found Dream a Little Bigger‘s idea for mixing slime with the holographic glitter we love so much.

5. Holographic phone case


Like we said, even the technology our home is no exception to our tendency to give everything eye catching DIY makeovers! To match our fantastic holographic laptop case (which we’ve actually made in real life), we’ve also created a phone case just like this one from DIY Jess that lets use contact all our friends on yet another fantastic holographic device, just for fun.

6. Holographic chair


Are you actually scrolling through our list and thinking about how you just can’t get enough of the idea of adding holographic finishes to the regular things around your home or office? Then we think you’ll be very enthusiastic indeed about the way Paper n’ Stitch added a lovely iridescent finish to an entire chair! Talk about a stand out piece.

7. Holographic shatter nails


That same wonderfully shiny holograpchic wrap you’ve been using to make over objects can actually be used to add a lovely holographic shine to your own hands too! We’re completely enamoured with the way A Beautiful Mess used strips of the plastic and set it carefully into nail polish to make a fantastic holographic manicure.

8. Holographic phone pocket


Just in case you adored the idea of making a phone case that’s holographic but you’re never liked the harder kind that stay on since you’d prefer more protection for your screen, here’s a great pocket style alternative! Smart n’ Snazzy shows you how to work with holographic “pleather” to make a sliding phone case that has great shine, a silver chain border, and even a tassel.

9. Holographic glitter makeup brush holder


Are you actually still thinking about how much you adore the concept of working with holographic glitter but you’d rather make something that lasts longer than the average batch of slime? In that case, we think you’ll get along much better with something like these fantastic DIY holographic glitter makeup brush holders featured step by step on Makeup Savvy!

10. Holographic enchanted mirror


Are you actually such a big holographic fan that even your kids have fallen in love with this shining finish as well? In that case, we’d definitely suggest taking a look at how A Pumpkin and A Princess made these awesome holographic paper enchanted mirrors! It’s a craft that’s simple enough for little ones to make themselves but that they can play with after too.

11. Holographic pillows


Have you actually found all kinds of amazing holographic fabrics at your local textiles store and now you just need some inspiration and guidance when it comes to turning them into something? Then we’ve got just the project for you, particularly if shining home decor is still on your mind! Take a look at how Studio DIY not only made amazing holographic throw pillows but also finished the corners off with rainbow DIY pom poms!

12. DIY holographic boots


Are you actually feeling so incredibly enthusiastic about the idea of using iridescent paper to make holographic inspired things that you can’t help wondering whether there’s a way you can wear even more of it? Then grab an old pair of boots you’ve been finding too plain lately and get out the Mod Podge, because Brit + Co. has just the kind of concept you’ve been looking for!

13. DIY holographic running shoes


Just in case we’ve really caught your attention with the idea of holographic footwear but you’re not necessarily a boot wearer, here’s a concept that will help you transform an old pair of runners in just a few simple steps instead! Check out how these amazing holographic and rhinestoned shoes were made in more detail on Natasha Lee.

14. DIY holographic cuff bracelet


Are you quite enamoured indeed with the holographic pleather we showed you earlier when we talked about making a phone pocket but that particular project just isn’t something you think you’ll use? In that case, we’d suggest taking a look at how Smart n’ Snazzy made this super stylish and ultra shiny cuff style bracelet instead!

15. Holographic coasters


Just in case you’re still not over the shining saviour that is iridescent plastic wrap and you want as many holographic details around your home as possible, here’s another simple but effective idea from Love Vividly! Their tutorial shows you step by step how to use more decoupage-like techniques to make wonderful pink tinged holographic coasters.