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DIY Sea Glass Projects: Where Colorful Meets Inventive

If you have ever taken a long stroll on the beach, you have undoubtedly encountered plenty of sea glass. It’s almost impossible to overlook, given its beautiful colors, usually ranging in the shades of blue and green, sometimes even transparent or reddish. Instead of just leaving this treasure untouched on the beach, grab a mason jar and collect as many sea glass pieces as you can find. Here are some inventive DIY sea glass projects you can use them for!

1. Sea Glass Candle 


Create a romantic ambiance in your home with a simple DIY candle that glistens not only with fire light, but also with the colors of the sea glass. This candle will create a warm and charming atmosphere in any room you place it in. Find the tutorial at Garden Living & Making!

2. Sea Glass Mosaic Tray 


Every household benefits from having a mesmerizing tray. You’ll need it to serve drinks to your guests and eat breakfast in bed on rainy days. A tray has to look beautiful and uplifting; it’s good if it has a dynamic and colorful style. Find out how Sand & Sisal gave an old tray a complete makeover and decorated it with a sea glass mosaic!

3. Sea Glass Pendants 


Amsterdam & Beyond shares one of the quickest and easiest ways to create jewelry pendants! Wrap some sea glass pieces in a gold wire and wear them proudly as necklaces, earrings or bracelets. From afar the glass pieces look just like real crystals!

4. Sea Glass Stepping Stone 


The plants itself provide a colorful decoration for your garden but sometimes a few extra elements serve as the cherry on top! Garden Living & Making shares the tutorial for a unique stepping stone that is decorated with pebbles and pieces of sea glass!

5. Sea Glass Mermaid Art 


If you love the ocean and all of its mysteries, Sand & Sisal‘s mermaid art piece is going to fit right into the heart of your home! Use up your collection of sea glass to give the wooden mermaid a mesmerizing tail, one that looks like it’s full of real scales!

6. Sea Glass Necklaces 


Could your necklace collection use some pieces that make you think of the beauty of the coast? These gorgeous sea glass necklaces by Brittany Amber will always remind you of the waves, the beach and the adventures you stumbled upon when you were digging the sea glass from the sand!

7. Sea Glass Bowl 


A boring bowl that you keep at the back of your kitchen cupboard can quickly become your favorite decor piece, the one you proudly display on the coffee table for everyone to see. All you need is a jar of collected sea glass and the tutorial by Debi’s Design Diary!

8. Sea Glass Earrings


You’ve already figured out that sea glass makes fabulous jewelry pieces, but The Sweetest Occassion‘s earrings are perhaps our favorite idea yet. While the standard in fashion is to wear earrings that are absolutely identical, you’ll hardly find two pieces of sea glass that are exactly alike. You’ll get to rock a diverse look instead!

9. Sea Glass Mason Jar 


Those of us who love to craft understand what a blessing mason jars are! Their versatility makes them the perfect crafting companion; we can turn them into absolutely anything with a little imagination and a good tutorial. The Country Chic Cottage happens to have both!

10. Sea Glass Framed Art


Sometimes the best decorative piece is still a good old framed wall art. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on expensive paintings, you can be the featured artist in your own home. Christabell Nails made an innovative sea glass art piece that you can re-create for your own house!