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Awesome DIY Sandbox Design with Cool Bench Seating

VIEW IN GALLERYDIY sandbox design in wood

Would you like to gift the little one in your home or your favorite nephew with never-ending fun times, then there are few things better than a sandbox indeed! For a generation that seems to be lost in smart gadgets, spending some time out in the sun and getting dirty is not a bad thing at all. And the DIY Sandbox provides the perfect platform for all those cool castles and imaginative adventures.

We absolutely love this sandbox design as it offers a lot more than just a little space for some backyard fun. The ingenious design of this wooden box allows it to be opened up to provide ample sitting space for your kid. The top of the box slides out to offer some bench space that can be easily seat 3 to 4 kids!

VIEW IN GALLERYDIY sandbox - planning

VIEW IN GALLERYDIY sandbox - wood

VIEW IN GALLERYDIY sandbox - tools

VIEW IN GALLERYDIY Sandbox Design with Bench

The tricky part here would be crafting the lid that not only opens up t reveal the box, but also slides back to provide two cute, little benches on both sides. Size and the design of the sandbox make it ultra-portable and you can even carry it to the beach on your day out, in the back of your car with ease. All you need here are some wooden panels, crafting skills and woodworking tools to put it all together in no time.

VIEW IN GALLERYDIY sandbox - box

You can check out the design in detail, and we suggest that you throw in some color as well, once the sandbox is all done to give it a more playful and cheerful allure.

Source: Reddit