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15 Beautiful DIY Projects Made with Pearls

When it comes to DIY accessories, there are two things we loved crafting with most: rhinestone and pearls. We’ve already written about rhinestoned projects of all kinds before, so now it’s time to chat about pearls! Even if the pearls you’re using are just beads made of painted plastic and not the real deal, they make such beautiful accents that no one will even take notice!

Check out these 15 beautiful accessories, clothing alterations, and gadgets all made with a stunning number of white, shining little pearls!

1. Chain and bunched pearl necklace

VIEW IN GALLERYchain-and-bunched-pearl-necklace

If your idea of a really great pearl craft is one that involves literally as many pearls as you can fit on the piece, then we’re willing to bet this necklace design is right up your alley! Craftionary shows you how to create the bunched up look by gluing a few pearls together in a ball and then stitching that bigger ball of pearls through the chain. The more you stitch on, the more clustered they look!

2. YSL inspired pearl charm bracelet

VIEW IN GALLERYysl-inspired-pearl-charm-bracelet

We have to admit, some of our favourite crafts are the awesome DIY recreations of designer pieces that we could never afford the name brand version of! This Yves St Laurent bracelet mock by Trinkets in Bloom is the perfect example. We can’t get over how charming (see what we did there?) the adorable little collection of charms hanging from the chains looks.

3. DIY pearl framed sunglasses

VIEW IN GALLERYdiy-pearl-framed-sunglasses

Sometimes all you need to jazz something up is a little bit of glue and a pack of flat-backed pearls. That’s how Trinkets in Bloom made these fantastically stylish sunglasses and we can’t stop thinking about them! For a project like this, we suggests using E6000 glue to make sure the pearls really stick once they’ve dried.

4. DIY vintage style pearl collar necklace

VIEW IN GALLERYdiy-vintage-style-pearl-collar-necklace

Have you ever been in a vintage store and seen the gorgeously hand crafted pearl collars that are there, or perhaps just seen ladies wearing them in old pictures? Sadly, they’re not as common any more and you probably won’t find them in stores. That’s why Cargo Collective is here to teach you how to make a simple version of your own!

5. Pearl studded shirt collar

VIEW IN GALLERYpearl-studded-shirt-collar

Speaking of pearl collars, have you ever thought of attaching pearls to an actual shirt collar? We hadn’t until we saw this post by The Stripe but we can’t wait to customize about seven of our shirts at the nearest opportunity! Pick a blouse that you like the fit of, but that could use a little extra glamour.

6. DIY pearl glam phone case

VIEW IN GALLERYdiy-pearl-glam-phone-case

Is your cell phone your absolute favourite accessory but your case isn’t really that impressive? Customize it to make it part of your look! Sydne Style suggests using pearls (and maybe a few rhinestones for sparkle) to really glam out a basic case, making it a total statement piece. Your friends will definitely be asking you where you got it.

7. Clustered pearl bracelet

VIEW IN GALLERYclustered-pearl-bracelet

Did you like the clustered look on the first necklace we discussed, but you’re not sure an all white necklace has quite enough edge for your aesthetic? Try this multi-coloured pearl bracelet instead! Craftuts  used the same clustered technique but without the pristine look of the classic pearl.

8. DIY floating pearl illusion necklace

VIEW IN GALLERYdiy-floating-pearl-illusion-necklace

We think this necklace idea from True Blue, Me & You is absolutely stunning. The way the fine thread looks so thin between the pearls, it’s almost as if they’re strung along on nothing, just floating there against your skin as you go about your day. It’s also a great piece because it’s surprisingly simple to make!

9. Hanging pearl necklace

VIEW IN GALLERYhanging-pearl-necklace

Do you love the idea of making a pearl necklace, but you’d rather let the pearls hang down instead of bunching them up closer to your neck? Try this gorgeous design by My Girlish Whims! The way the strings are wrapped around the single neck stand lets the pearls hang like pretty snow drops against your chest.

10. Pearl and folded ribbon bracelet

VIEW IN GALLERYpearl-and-folded-ribbon-bracelet

Does nothing make you feel quite as pretty and girly as ribbons, pearls, and the colour pink all combined in one place? Then you’re going to absolutely love this bracelet design from True Blue, Me & You! They’ll show you how to weave a pink ribbon between the pearly pink beads, pinching it and sewing through it so it stays fast. Tie it in a bow at the end and voila!

11. DIY Pearl sweater sleeves

VIEW IN GALLERYdiy-pearl-sweater-sleeves

Do you have a nice sweater that you like the fit of, but that you’ve decided just look ever so slightly too plain for your tastes? House of Jade Interiors suggests putting your hand sewing skills to good use and embellishing the sleeves with a spattering of pearls from shoulder to cuff! We’re so in love with this look that we might steal the idea for just about every piece of clothing we own.

12. Pearl encrusted V-neck t-shirt

VIEW IN GALLERYpearl-encrusted-v-neck-t-shirt

Sometimes you just have the kind of day where nothing will feel right except a comfy, plain white t-shirt. That doesn’t mean, however, that your outfit has too look underwhelming or not glamorous. Love Maegan suggests keeping things cute by sewing clusters or pearls thinly down the neckline of your favourite white V-neck. It’s like built-in jewelry!

13. Pearl hair comb

VIEW IN GALLERYpearl-hair-comb

Not every hair type works very well with hair combs, but if yours is long and thick, then you’ve got the perfect texture for this pretty idea from Home Heart Craft! Glue a few rows of pearls along the top spine of the comb and wait until they’ve tried. Place it to the top or side of your next bun and watch how people complement the little pearls sticking out form your lovely locks!

14. Delicate pearl bow hair clip

VIEW IN GALLERYdelicate-pearl-bow-hair-clip

Do you like the idea of a pearled DIY hair accessory but your hair is far too thin to handle hair combs? Try making yourself an adorable little clip-in bow instead. Minted Strawberry shows you how simple this one is to make, and we think it’ll look good no matter what hairstyle you add it to!

15. Pearl embroidered framed monogram

VIEW IN GALLERYDIY pearl embroidered framed monogram

Perhaps you’re so in love with pearls that you’d like to incorporate them into your decor scheme as well, rather than just your personal style and clothing? If you’re familiar with needlepoint, then we think we’ve found the project for you! This completely pearled monogram looks like something out of a magazine.Get more details from DIY Inspired.