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15 DIY Message Boards to Keep Your Family Organized

The older our kids get and the more advanced we get in our positions and roles at work, the most we find that everyone in the family has different responsibilities, obligations, commitments, hobbies, and places to be.

While this is certainly a wonderful thing, since it’s healthy to stay busy and be involved in your community, it definitely requires some collective organization and time management, particularly when everyone’s appointments, lessons, practices, meetings, and so on get scheduled at all different times and in ways that don’t necessarily coordinate or line up.

That’s why we’ve been trying to come up with simple, effective, and hopefully, DIY based ways to help our family stay as organized and informed about each other’s schedules as possible!


Cool DIY Message Boards to Stay Organized

DIY message boards, bulletin board, and wall calendars of all kinds have really made a difference for our family lately in being able to leave each other reminders, let people know where we have to be and when, and even just leave cut notes by the phone or in the front hall to brighten each other’s days.

Are you feeling just as interested as we were, if not more, in the idea of making your family some kind of DIY message board that will help keep you all organized and things running smoothly, while still putting all those crafting skills to good use?

Check out these 15 awesome ideas, designs, and tutorials that we’ve come across so far in our search for inspiration.

1. Message board from fabric and an old picture frame


Have you always really liked the idea of having a pin board that you can tack reminders, forms, notes, and messages to for your family as they walk by in their daily travels but you’d rather something with a little more aesthetic than a regular old cork board? Well, if you can find a printed fabric you like the look of and make it to the thrift store for a nice old photo frame, then you’ll have just about everything you need to make this lovely framed fabric message board from Tatertots & Jello happen!

2. DIY farmhouse message board


Did we actually really catch your attention when we started talking about the idea of making a message board that has some charming aesthetic to it but the atmosphere in your home is a little more rustic chic and upcycled looking than printed fabric really presents? Then we think you might get along a little better with something like this DIY farmhouse inspired board from Seeking Lavender Lane that’s made from slabs of repurposed wood and a strip of chicken wire!

3. DIY recycled window frame message board


Do you love the idea of making a message board that’s a little more weathered or old fashioned looking and that harnesses the whole idea of upcycled chic, but you’re also an eclectic person who hasn’t decided whether a chalkboard, cork board, or something else is the best choice? Then we have a feeling that this upcycled wooden window frame that The Burnett Brood turned into a message board with a different kind of board featured in each little window square might be the best choice for you!

4. Easy DIY clip message board


Just in case you’re still loving the idea of having eclectic options on your board when it comes to how you leave or record your messages for your family but you simply don’t have access to an old wooden window frame, here’s a cut alternative! Cardstore teaches you how to paint piece of particle board with chalkboard paint that you can write messages on with chalk, but also how t attach a cork board square for bulletin tacking and simple metal clips for pinching lists and reminders into place where you won’t lose them or forget about them.

5. Rustic DIY wall mounted chalkboard organizer


Have you seen a number of ideas that you really liked so far and that have you wondering about which elements might be best for you, but you haven’t seen anything that combined your favourite options- chalkboard paint and rustic wooden aesthetics- together in one place yet? Then we think you just might feel like Remodelaholic has swooped in to give you precisely the kind of project and tutorial you were looking for!

6. Cork and burlap DIY message board


Maybe a simple cork based bulletin board is all you really need, but you can’t help wishing there was some very simple way that you could jazz it up a little or add a bit of rustic charm, even though you’ve got your eye on a board that’s store bought, pre-made and new but the perfect size for your wall? Then maybe this super easy idea from Balancing Home for covering the cork with burlap and a border of gold stud tacks on the edges is the kind of quick adjustment you should think about making!

7. Galvanized metal and wood message centre and wall organizer


Are you actually the kind of handy DIY enthusiast who likes to put things together from scratch yourself and actually construct things? Perhaps you can’t help feeling like an entire organization station with a filing spot to put all the notes, permission slips, and so on that your family accumulates alongside the reminders you leave for each other might be the most useful thing. In either case, we have a strong feeling you’ll appreciate the way Fox Hollow Cottage shows you how to make this impressive and slightly rustic looking galvanized metal message board with a repurposed wooden frame and four-box message centre!

8. DIY padded message board


Are you still thinking about how much you’ve enjoyed the ideas that put fabric to good use in the message board options you’ve seen so far, but you’re just not feeling convinced by any of them one hundred percent? then maybe this padding backed fabric board with crisscrossed ribbon bracing will be more along the lines of what you’re hoping to create! Get the details for making one of your own on DIY Network.

9. Vintage inspired cork board message centre with a basket


Have your really liked the sound of an old fashioned message board but you’d rather something a little more classically vintage in style than explicitly rustic? Well, particularly if you’re also appreciative of the idea of having a sorting basket or centre of some kind involved, then we’d definitely urge you to give this lovely, old fashioned looking board from Home Road some consideration.

10. DIY felt letter board


Do you love the look of the black painted chalkboards for their minimalist style but you’re actually allergic to chalk? Well, especially if you’re a fan of the marquee style letter boards that have become so popular in simple room decor lately, then we think you might get a real kick out of the way Albert Blog shows you how to use wooden dowels, a frame, black felt, and some plastic peg letters to create this simple, neat looking message board in surprisingly few simple steps!

11. DIY rustic magnetic message board


Are you still feeling intrigued by the idea of a message board that’s really more of a fully equipped communications station, with a few extra features, but you’re not into keeping chalk or pins around with little kids in the house? Then maybe you’d prefer this magnetic message board from Liz Marie Blog that also features a pencil jar for note making! We love its eclectic and charming repurposed chic style as well.

12. DIY wooden message centre with shelves


Are you actually a lot more experienced with basic woodworking and building things, so you’re not one to shy away from a challenge if it means you get a more useful piece in the end? Well, if you’re the kind of busy family who could use a few extra storage shelves alongside your note board then we think you simply must take a look at how Six Sisters Stuff made this lovely wooden shelving unit that has cubbies on one side and a cork board piece on the other!

13. Industrial chic style message board


Just in case you’re still loving the upcycled chic idea in your message board but you’re also looking for more of an all purpose station and you’d prefer a slightly simplified and more industrial chic look to a farmhouse feel, here’s a lovely tutorial from Lolly Jane that will give you just that! it even features key hooks, making it the perfect piece to hang in the front hallway, reminding people of things as they go in and out throughout the day.

14. DIY letter board with tall wooden tiles


Are you still thinking about the letter board we showed you but you’ve never been a huge fan of working with fabric, even in scenarios where you don’t have to sew anything? Well, if you enjoy painting, stencilling, or working with decals, then maybe this wooden tiles letter board outlined in awesome, simple detail on Alejandra Styles will be a little more along the lines of what you were hoping to create!

15. DIY magnetic message board


Just in case you adored the idea of a magnetic message board but you’re also just not sure that you need all the extra bells and whistles that you saw on the model we showed you earlier, here’s a much more simplified version that gives you just the magnetic surface in a simple DIY frame! The Turquoise Home has all the details you’ll need to make it happen.

Have you made another kind of awesome DIY message board before that you were very happy with indeed but that you don’t see here on our list? Tell us all about what you created and how you did it or link us to photos of your finished work in the comments section!