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Celebrity Makeup: Channel Your Favorite Stars With These DIY Makeup Looks

Celebrities are often an inspiration for your makeup, especially when we feel like we need that extra boost of confidence after a long week and want to channel a pop diva or a badass actress. Surely, celebrity makeup is usually professionally made but that doesn’t mean you can’t create something just like it! Channel your favorite stars and use these DIY makeup looks as guidance!



Hello. It’s Adele. She’s been wondering if after all this time you’d like to try her makeup look! The music world has felt so empty without Adele’s music and now that she’s been back for a while it’s only fair to recreate her stunning Hello look and think of our past lovers as we sing our hearts out to her songs! Get the tutorial at Becca Rose!

Margot Robbie

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While some celebrity makeup looks cater more to those who need inspiration for special events, some are perfect for everyday wear. Margot Robbie always looks gorgeous and her minimal makeup is just enough to emphasize her best features! Remember what moms taught us: less is more! My Pale Skin will teach you how to find your inner Margot!

Lady Gaga

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Honestly, does anyone have more iconic makeup looks than Lady Gaga? Over the years she has impressed with some incredible looks and she keeps on looking glamorous, no matter what she’s doing or what genre she’s dabbling in! Penelopy Jean has the tutorial to Gaga’s most popular makeup that you can then pair up with some fun wigs!


VIEW IN GALLERYBeyonce-makeup

Queen B has a very specific makeup style. She keeps it classy but diva-like! Sonjdra Deluxe has a tutorial that will show you how you can achieve the same look and walk around the world like you’ve just made some seriously tasty lemonade!

Selena Gomez

VIEW IN GALLERYSelena-Gomez-makeup

Selena was the star of this year’s AMAs and everybody wants to recreate her vibrant look! Luckily we found a tutorial for you at Leyla Rose! With this look it’s all about the eyes and the eyeshadow that brings them to life! You know what they say about the eyes – they’re the window to the soul!

Kim Kardashian

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Wondering how the contour queen achieves her glam look? Leyla Rose has the answer! Recreate Kim’s classic red carpet look and be ready to dominate any special event without needing an expensive glam team! Make sure to take countless selfies to make Kim proud!

Megan Fox

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Who could ignore Megan’s piercing look that always stands out. She is confident and magnetic, always looking like she’s ready to conquer the world! If you want to radiate this too, visit Kandee Johnson to see how you can recreate Megan’s look and transform into a boss lady!

Perrie Edwards

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Perrie has been inspiring teens all over the world and we love her free-spirited, rebellious makeup! The little stars under her eyes are such a special touch! Create this memorable look by checking out Shaaanxo’s tutorial!

Ariana Grande

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We’ve all been jealous of Ariana’s makeup at some point, so why not take matters into your own hands and turn yourself into the new princess of pop for a day! To really commit to her style you can sport her typical ponytail as well! Get the how-to at Christen Dominique!


VIEW IN GALLERYRihanna-makeup

If you have always looked up to Rihanna’s incredible style and makeup flawlessness, this tutorial by Beauty By Gabbie will make you overjoyed! You can finally look like the Barbados princess herself, even when you go to work work work work work work. (Sorry, we couldn’t resist)!

Angelina Jolie

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Angelina’s bone structure is so special and she always compliments it so well with her choice of makeup. She sticks to a minimal routine and stays true to her natural, radiant look. Channel her everyday glow by following this tutorial at DailyMix!

Kylie Jenner

VIEW IN GALLERYKylie-Jenner-makeup

Take your lipstick game to the next level by stealing a few tips from Kylie Jenner. The big lips enthusiast with a huge following among the young has a very recognizable makeup and with this tutorial by Modern Day Shivalry you will now be able to try out her look! Emphasized lips and eyebrows on fleek – you’re good to go!

Which celebrity will you channel today?