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The Hottest Modern Trend: DIY Knot Pillows 

It’s always fun when a certain trend takes over the Pinterest boards and home decor magazines. This is what is currently happening with ultra-modern knot pillows. As an ultimate focal point, the knot pillow has much power over the room. It brings playfulness and trendiness into the space and even though it doesn’t look anything like a conventional pillow, you’ll be thankful for its softness at the end of the day when you use it to support your head as you binge-watch your favorite TV shows! Peek into our selection of DIY knot pillows!

1. Blue Fabric Knot Pillow 


Blue is a cool and calming color, the perfect choice for a bedroom or any other space that serves the purpose of relaxing and recharging your batteries. Pick a fabric in a soft shade of blue and your knot pillow will be able to fit into a minimalist interior as well. Get the tutorial at Sugar and Cloth!

2. Modern Knot Pillows 


The most apparent characteristic of knot pillows is their undeniable modern look. If you swear by decorating your home with the most contemporary and stylish pieces, you’re definitely on the right path with a personal collection of DIY knot pillows, brought to you by Little Inspiration.

3. Repurposed Leggings Knot Pillow 


In order to make a proper knot pillow you’re going to need a really stretchy fabric. Before you go on a big fabric shopping spree, first check within your own closet to see if you have any leggings that you haven’t worn in years. You’ll learn at Buzzfeed how to turn them into a super cool knot pillow!

4. Celtic Knot Pillow 


There are many different ways to tie a knot which provides you with much versatility within the knot pillow trend. If you are over the classic knot that everybody else is doing, look to eHow‘s Celtic knot pillow that is absolutely unique and will be an unexpected addition to your throw pillow collection.

5. Pastel Knot Pillows 


The design of the knot is important without a doubt, but it’s the color of the fabric you choose that holds the most impact. If you prefer gentler color tones with a hint of retro, over vibrant and bright hues, Joann will teach you how to make gorgeous pastel knot pillows.

6. Gold Knot Pillow 


Even a knot pillow cannot escape the metallic frenzy – as it shouldn’t, because this particular gold knot pillow has an exceptional look! It’s an innovative modern piece that totally livens up the space with its glistening, glamorous style. Check out how Ruffled pieced it together!

7. Furry Knot Pillow 


Soft and plushy things hold a special place in our heart. Are you a helpless cuddle bug that loves to hug a throw pillow tightly whenever you’re watching daytime TV? You need Besa GM‘s furry knot pillow in your life! It’s definitely going to become your new cuddle buddy!

8. Red Heart Knot Pillow 


A handmade knot pillow can be a wonderful and creative gift for the special someone in your life. Make it in the shape of a heart to emphasize the affection you hold for the person and choose red fabric to give it that flaming, noticeable look. You can find all the details at Tried & Twisted.

9. Cozy Knot Pillow 


Throw pillows have more than just a decorative purpose; they support our heads or feet when we sprawl over the couch in the evening after a long day. If you want a knot pillow that is soft and comfy, Ann’s Entitled Life has a great tutorial for a cozy knot pillow made from kids’ sweater tights!

10. Sweater Knot Pillow 


You already know you can make a knot pillow out of tights, but Bisma Bii will show you how to make it by repurposing an old sweater! Letting go of clothes that you haven’t worn in a really long time is always a good idea, but even more so if it results in a brand new decor piece for your living room!