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DIY Indoor Gardens: Nature Within the Home 

Everybody loves a good garden, but some of us simply don’t have the option of a backyard. That doesn’t mean we have to totally give up on being surrounded by greens though! You can bring the nature inside by setting up a creative indoor garden that will serve your most basic culinary needs and add to your decor with its liveliness! Check out this incredible selection of DIY indoor gardens! 

1. Trellis Wall Garden 


Vintage Revivals features an outstanding trellis wall garden that is a serious competition to any outdoor garden, not to mention a marvelous decor piece! It’s an element that brings together functionality and visual appeal, making it the perfect choice for utilizing a tall vertical space!

2. Hanging Herb Garden 


If you love to be creative in the kitchen, you know that nothing beats cooking with fresh herbs. They give any meal a strong and recognizable taste, so it’s always good to keep them on hand. The Bird and Her Song shares a lovely DIY idea for a hanging herb garden!

3. Hanging Shelf Garden 


When you’re creating an indoor garden remember that vertical space is your best friend. If you have an empty wall that could use some decoration, visit Homesteading to learn how you can build this hanging shelf garden that provides you with a lot of gardening options!

4. Upcycled Indoor Garden 


Your indoor garden can be very simplistic. To avoid the kitchen becoming too cluttered, only keep a couple of planters around! This project doesn’t have to put a financial strain on you at all – Lovely Indeed will show you how a few upcycling tricks will result in a super adorable, minimalist indoor garden!

5. Baking Tin Indoor Garden


Every time we decide on a new DIY project we first look around our homes to see what we can repurpose and reuse! Did you know that a round baking tin can be a great place to plant your indoor garden? Head over to Grillo Designs to find out everything about this fantastic idea!

6. Bottle Indoor Garden 


Humans produce so much trash every day that any time you can avoid throwing something away and choose to repurpose it instead, you’re doing something good for the environment! For example, instead of throwing away your bottles, why don’t you follow Design Sponge‘s example and turn them into creative planters!

7. Mason Jar Herb Garden 


If you are looking for the quickest and most simple way to create an indoor garden, one that isn’t attached to one place but is movable around, our first pick would be mason jars! Crafts Unleashed will show you how you can use them to create a chic herb garden!

8. Teacup Herb Garden 


When you’re creating a garden indoors there’s a strong need for it to contribute to your interior as well. Maybe your home could do with a touch of old-fashioned tea party inspiration? Thrift some old teacups and learn how you can turn them into a herb garden at Intimate Weddings!

9. Utensil Caddy Herb Garden 


We love buying things on discount and then using them for a totally different purpose than they’re originally meant for! It makes us feel super creative and a little bit rebellious. Make your own rules and plant your indoor garden in a utensil caddy, following Unsophisticook‘s example!

10. Milk Bottle Indoor Garden 


Before you throw away the big milk bottles, ask yourself if maybe your kitchen could benefit from some greenery? Not only are you going to be able to prepare your meals with fresh herbs, your interior will also be spiced up by nature! Those are reasons enough to copy the indoor garden we found at Grillo Designs!

11. Tin Can Indoor Garden 


Tin cans are always fun to create with, especially because we usually have them at hand. They are a wonderful alternative to mason jars, because they are a little more customizable and won’t break if they fall to the floor – a great thing to consider if you have kids! Find out all about this tin can indoor garden at The Gracious Wife.

12. Colorful Indoor Garden 


You’ve decided that your home is in a serious need of color and we couldn’t agree more! While we love the monochrome color palette, we are also big fans of infusing our living space with uplifting colors. Make your space more cheerful and lively by re-creating this colorful indoor garden by A Beautiful Mess!