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DIY Halloween Wreaths for The Spookiest Time of The Year

October is Halloween month, which means decorating the home with spooky decor is a priority on our agenda! The goal is to create decorative pieces that will scare your neighbors but amaze the kids who will come trick-or-treating on the scariest night of the year. Wreaths have long been one of the most popular elements on people’s front doors! Follow the tradition and find the inspiration among these epic and creepy DIY Halloween wreaths! 

1. Halloween Tutu Wreath 


Halloween decorations are usually black as night or white as a skeleton, but if you simply can’t give up colors, there’s always a creative way to include them into your Halloween decor. Busy Creating Memories created a vibrant tutu wreath that’s full of orange, green and purple!

2. Halloween Ribbon Wreath 


Usually when you’re decorating your house for any occasion, you end up with a lot of left-over material – something that happens to be the perfect resource for a Halloween wreath! Pick out some of your favorite ribbons in the classic Halloween colors and follow the tutorial at A Pop of Pretty Blog!

3. Halloween Bat Wreath 


Decorate your front door with a proper bat nest! This amazing bat wreath looks as if the bats are truly circling your door, making the visitors stop to make sure you haven’t bewitched bats to guard your home! You’ll find the tutorial at Catelyn Cawley, along with two more Halloween wreaths – this is not a trick, just a true treat!

4. Black Tulle Halloween Wreath 


Stock up on black tulle because you’re going to need a bunch for this wonderful Halloween wreath we found at Our Best Bites! We love how the black gives it a deep and mysterious vibe, but the colors totally make it noticeable and make sure it’s going to be visible even when the sun sets!

5. Halloween Skull Wreath 


The skeleton skulls are a classic Halloween decoration, but instead of simply displaying them on your front porch, make a whole wreath out of them! This is definitely one of the creepiest wreaths we’ve ever seen and if you want to startle some passersby with it, Tried & True will help you!

6. Wriggling Snakes Halloween Wreath 


To be honest, some people might avoid your house at first, after they see a big nest of wriggling snakes on your front doors – but don’t worry, the curiosity will inevitably draw them closer! Martha Stewart shares the tutorial for this ingenious Halloween wreath!

7. Creepy Eyes Halloween Wreath 


We don’t know who came up with the trend of using creepy eyeballs as part of the spooky home decor, but we can say we’d definitely shriek in fear if we came across this wreath that’s full of little eyeballs! If your Halloween philosophy is “go big or go home” visit No. 2 Pencil for the details.

8. Black Crow Halloween Wreath 


Witches and crows are each other’s loyal companions. Let the whole neighborhood know you are definitely a witch not to be messed with by hanging up this eerie black crow wreath by Live Craft Love! Don’t skip on that Happy Halloween sign though, just in case anyone takes you too seriously.

9. Halloween Pumpkin Wreath 


Halloween is always so full of pumpkins! Each house is proudly displaying creepy carved pumpkins on their porch, one face looking scarier than the other. Take the pumpkin frenzy beyond the porch; Madison will show you how to make a bright orange pumpkin wreath!

10. Monster Eye Halloween Wreath 


Some people go all out on their Halloween decor, while others love to keep it minimal and only invest into one or two giant scary decorative pieces that make a great first impression on anyone who sees them. One of such big and scary pieces is the incredible monster eye wreath by The Paper Mama!

11. Halloween Spider Wreath 


Spiders. Are. Hella. Creepy! Nobody can argue with this and if you have the courage to put a giant spider on your Halloween wreath (like Chicken Scratch did), you are definitely going to have one of the scariest front doors on your street. We are honestly less afraid of ghosts than we are of spiders!

12. Skeleton Hands Halloween Wreath 


Do you want to display a skeleton on your front porch but you can’t share the feeling that it’s a little too predictable? Take the inspiration from Tried & True and make a Halloween wreath that’s made of skeleton hands! This idea is brilliant, spooky and totally unique!