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Homemade Comfort: DIY Duvet Cover Patterns

Have you ever had a moment while shopping in a store where, even though you’ve actually found what you’re looking for, you can’t quite find one the precise colour, design, or image you’re looking for and suddenly you realize you could just make the one you want for yourself? Most recently, we had a DIY “a-ha” moment while we were shopping for bed sets. We realized that none of the duvet covers we saw being sold were quite what we wanted and so, rather than settling, we opted to try making our own instead!

Check out these extra useful DIY duvet cover tutorials that will help you create the pattern and design that really matches your bedroom decor scheme to your own standards.

1. Painterly duvet cover


Are you a huge fan of pattern and colour, particularly in one place? Does your taste in patterns and lines lean towards curving, swirling lines rather than geometric or colour blocked designs? Then check out this pretty painterly design from Teal and Lime! The whole look is much simpler to get than you might think.

2. DIY reversible duvet cover


Are you hesitant to spend lots of money on store bought bedding because you’re tastes are always changing depending on the season or your mood? Then you’re the precisely the kind of person that reversible duvet covers were made for! Craft Gossip guides you through the process of creating a cover that’s different on each side, so you might have a neutral option on one and an attention grabbing option on the other. It’s double the bedding for barely any extra cost or work!

3. Tie dye duvet cover


If you ask us, the bedroom is actually a great place to get a little more flashy with your colour combinations and patterns because it’s your own private space where you can really express yourself and only the people you invite into that space will see it. That’s why we love the idea of making DIY tie dyed bedding! It won’t matter at all if it’s a way flashier pattern than the rest of your home’s decor scheme. Check out how Building Partnerships MA made this awesome grid-like tie dye pattern.

4. DIY duvet with a ruffled corner


Are you okay with the idea of having a duvet cover that’s all one colour but you’d really enjoy some cool visuals thanks to texture? Our favourite way to achieve this when it comes to sewing and materials is usually by adding ruffles! You might not want bunches to material to extend all the way up by your face, however, so Bead and Cord suggests concentrating your bunched fabric around one lower corner of the bed.

5. DIY patchwork duvet


Maybe your taste in home decor is bright, eclectic, and a whole lot of fun? Perhaps you’re actually an avid quilter and you’re always looking for new ways to put those skills to good use? Then this awesome quilted square duvet cover design might be the option you like best! We think this would make a pretty neat fabric stash buster project; the more different colours and patterns you get involved, the better! The DIY Mommy has all the details you’ll need to make one of your own.

6. Rainbow striped DIY duvet


We’ve talked a lot about colour when it comes to patterns but perhaps your favourite way to incorporate colour into your decor scheme is in bright, cheerful chunks that really grab peoples’ attention and hold it? Then you might like this horizontal rainbow striped duvet cover from Tammy Settles! We love the way they’ve let the fabric layer as it leads from one colour to the next, just to add a bit of visual texture.

7. Shabby chic lace duvet


Is the decor scheme throughout your home, or at least in your bedroom, vintage inspired and full of pretty, delicate things? Then We’re sure you’re no stranger to the beauty of up cycling old lace into new and stunning pieces. We’re completely in love with this amazing idea from DIY Projects to use old lace materials like curtains or tablecloths to create a lace duvet cover that is nothing short of beautiful but proudly displays its secondhand nature in a way that comes off very shabby-chic and lovely.

8. DIY duvet with a rainbow tassel edging


Did you love the idea of incorporating bright rainbow colours into your bedding and bedroom decor but you’d prefer to do it as a subtle accent rather than the entire bed spread? Then perhaps you’ll prefer this rainbow tasseled design instead! Knockoff Decor shows you how to make the tassels themselves and then attach them around the edge of a DIY duvet colour in an awesome rainbow manner that will make the whole room cheerful and bright.

9. Geometric triangle duvet


If you’re the kind of DIY enthusiast who loves to keep on top of home and decor trends and fashion trends, then you’re probably also no stranger to blending the two to make your personal space really unique. We love the way Interior Design 2014 did precisely that by stencilling contrasting solid triangles in all different directions across their DIY duvet cover and pillow cases, just like you’ll probably see printed across blouses and sweaters in stores this season.

10. DIY Anthropologie inspired duvet


We talked about fun ruffling once already, but we showed you a rather subtle option that kept all the bunches concentrated in one area. When you looked at that option, however, did you find yourself thinking that you’d actually prefer more ruffling rather than less? Then check out how Tip Junkie recreated a beautiful bedding design from Anthropologie for much less than they would have paid for it in stores!

11. Vintage lace decal duvet


Were you enamoured with the vintage lace duvet cover idea we mentioned above but you can’t help but wonder if you might like it even more if the lace was even more distressed and perhaps dotted with a bit of colour? Then we have a feeling you’ll enjoy this lace and embroidery decal duvet design from All Things Pretty, which is made of all kinds of old up cycled lace fabric pieces like doilies and handkerchiefs.

12. DIY duvet cover from an old bead spread


Perhaps you have an old bed spread already that doesn’t actually really have anything wrong with it, you’re just looking for an upgrade after a few years of the same thing? Well, that’s a pretty great opportunity to transform what you already own into something new rather than buying something extra and having to throw the original bed spread away or find a place to store it until you need it again! We love the way Knick of Time laid out all the steps for turning that old piece into a brand new duvet cover, so we can all have an easy time making ourselves something new!

13. Dip dyed ombre duvet cover


Did you love the idea of dying your own brand new bedding set yourself, but you’d rather concentrate on making yourself something with awesome colour concentration rather than taking care to create and repeat a pattern across the top? Then try dip dying instead of tie dying! HGTV shows you precisely how it’s done (and done well).