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Need A Desktop Calendar? Check Out These Fab DIY Ideas!

Everybody needs a good desktop calendar! One that you can always peek at in the middle of a busy day when you forget which day exactly it is (or when is the next holiday). If you still haven’t gotten one for your desk, now is your chance to make one! Check out these amazing DIY desktop calendars and find the perfect one to keep you organized!

Cute Cards Calendar


Aside from the essential information that a desktop calendar needs, you can add in a few cute cards with inspiring messages or your favorite drawings. Who said your work space needs to look boring? It doesn’t! See how Making The World Cuter tackled the task!

Ombre Calendar


Yes, the ombre is still dominating the world. You can ombrefy just about anything and let’s be honest, it always ends up looking amazing! If you’re trendy and hip, this desktop calendar might just be your best friend for the year. Find the instructions at Annabode and give it a chance!

12 Sided Calendar


One calendar, twelve sides. You simply flip it at the end of the month and that’s it! Simple, right? Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best. Have the entire month on display and always stay on top of things with this desktop calendar by Craftaholics Anonymous.

Postcard Calendar Journal

VIEW IN GALLERYPostcard Calendar Journal

Here’s an idea that will keep you both organized and inspired! You can combine the daily calendar with daily journaling! Our favorite thing about this calendar is that you can have it for years to come! It’s also okay if you’re less into journaling and more into practical use – you can just fill in your to-do lists! Go to Design Sponge to see how it’s done!

Calendar Blocks

VIEW IN GALLERYCalendar Blocks

This idea is cute, versatile and, of course, incredibly useful! It won’t take up too much space on your desk but will still make it look fun and playful! And who doesn’t need that during the work week? We all do! Go to Simply + Kierste to see the quick tutorial!

Wooden Clipboard Calendar


Subtle and minimalist, a perfect fit for anyone that likes to stay organized, but isn’t interested into making their desktop look like a mini parade. Keep it simple, keep it classic. Sometimes the less is more rule applies even when it comes to office space, and The DIY Diary totally gets that!

Watercolor Desktop Calendar


Watercolors are an absolute gift. Gentle but colorful, they bring out the best of everything they’re used on or used for. They can turn anything into a piece of art! Don’t believe us? Check out this amazing desktop calendar by Homemade Banana and see for yourself!

Notepad Calendar


Transform a little notepad into a handy calendar! It’s great if you’re on a tight budget and the process of making it is very quick – some might even say meditative! Head over to Garance Dore to see the tutorial!

Inspiration Calendar


Another calendar that doesn’t just inform you of the day, month and year, but also inspires you with your favorite quotes and motivational words! Make the best of every month with this gorgeous desktop calendar, brought to you by Live Creatively.

There you go, so many ideas to choose from! Pick out your favorite one and ensure you stay organized, motivated and on top of things all throughout the year!!