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Simple and Fashionable: DIY Circle Bags

There are so many bags you can DIY, but circle bags truly have a special place in our heart. For one, they are not the most common sight. They’re very unique and have a certain playfulness about them. Seeing them takes us back to our favorite festivals and summertime moments. If you want to capture the boldness of life in a fashionable accessory, DIY circle bags should be your next stop!

1. Straw Circle Bag 


One of the most beautiful things about circle bags is how simple they are. They have their shape to thank for the touch of dynamic, but in general they are not overly decorated or sometimes even particularly colorful. Find out how you can make a minimal straw circle bag at Brit + Co!

2. Pom Pom Circle Bag 


If you do want to give your circle bag some color and funk, you can always count on tassels and pom poms to do their job! Sugar and Cloth shares a super quick and colorful way to update your circle beach bag and decorate it with some colorful additions!

3. Placemat Circle Bag 


Sometimes a trip to the home decor store can result in a brand new fashion piece – such is the beauty of the DIY world. Pick two round placemats that you really connect with and head over to Alice & Lois to see how you can turn them into a lovely circle bag!

4. Rope Circle Bag 


Rope creations have a strong nautical appeal and always make us daydream about the beach. We can’t imagine a more perfect purse to make just in time for summer than this rope circle bag we found at The Style Safari! It’s the perfect piece to pair with a cute bathing suit or a summer dress for a stroll at the beach!

5. Stitched Circular Clutch 


Clutches are definitely becoming more and more popular, likely because we often associate them with red carpets and gala events. They are the tiny bags that store your bare essentials, but there is inherent beauty in this stylish minimalism. Find the tutorial at 30 Minute Crafts!

6. Embellished Circle Bag 


Festival season is almost here and if you’re still looking for a small cross-body companion that would store your phone and sunglasses as you’re dancing to the tunes of your favorite songs surrounded by your coolest friends, then don’t miss the tutorial for this embellished circle bag at Oh Oh Blog.

7. Owl Circle Bag 


We love wearing pieces that are a bit daring and force people to do a double-take. There is something so captivating about this owl circle bag we found at Craftsy that people won’t be able to ignore it! If you love to sidestep the comfort zone of fashion, this one is for you!

8. Donut Bag 


Our love of donuts knows no limits and if there is a way to make a donut a part of our outfit, we’re all up for it! Studio DIY‘s tutorial for a donut bag finds us right at the moment when we’re looking to expand our collection of round bags, proving that trendy and adorable do go hand in hand!

9. Emoji Bags 


Can you still remember the world before emojis? It seems we can barely express our feelings without them nowadays! If you are a total emoji fan and also adore the trend of round purses, visit Style Caster to learn how you can DIY these unique emoji bags!

10. Woven Circle Bag 


We’ve started this roundup with simplicity and we’re ending with it too. The sight of a woven circle bag feels calming and inspiring. Sweet Teal‘s circle bag is made of straw and burlap, making it the perfect piece for those who love to show off natural materials!