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Flawless and Bold: 12 DIY Belts That Define Your Outfit 

Belts may have started out as a handy accessory that makes sure our pants don’t fall down when our diet finally starts working and we haven’t updated our wardrobe yet. But in the recent years, belts have become a fashionable piece that women and men are eager to experiment with, adding it to their outfits and trying out a variety of different styles. You can make some incredible belts right in your home, all of which will have an impact on your style. Don’t miss out on any of these 12 splendid DIY belts! 

1. Lace Belts 


If you are looking for a delicate belt that will bring much softness to your outfit, a belt decorated with lace is a marvelous choice. Let Versus show you how to make this piece that will beautifully complement any color of your clothes; lace does not discriminate, it fits with absolutely every color and material!

2. Bow Belt 


Tilly and the Buttons shares the secrets behind this lovely gray belt that has a subtle look due to its neutral color, but the little bow gives it just the unique touch it needs. You can easily wear it over a dress, to emphasize its simplistic beauty, or create it in a more vibrant color that will make it stand out all the more!

3. Petal Belt 


Some belts purely have a decorative function and it’s them that you need to pay special attention to. Kristi Murphy presents you with a petal belt that is very elegant and reflects the nature in its design. It’s quick to be the focal point of the outfit, so feel free to pair it with bright clothes that can serve as a backdrop.


4. Wide Hexagon Belt 


Some of the belts that are frequently seen on runways seem almost impossible to find in the real world. Either that, or you don’t feel like spending $5,000 on an accessory.  Craft Stylish will blow you away with this DIY wide hexagon belt that gives the fashion industry a run for their money!

5. Wrapped Belt 


A belt that wraps around your waist is a lovely way to emphasize your shape. Go for a softer fabric that won’t feel suffocating and will give you as much comfort as any garment should! You can find the tutorial at Ohoh Blog!

6. Anthro Belt 


Do you love accessories that have a vintage look? Is one of your passions mixing together vintage and modern with the intent to bring out the best of both? If so, Lemon Squeezy Home has the perfect vintage-style belt for you to pair with any contemporary outfit of your choosing!

7. Fabric Belt


If you live for DIY projects you know very well that finding a good fabric is almost half of the work. We love the choice DIY Mode made with a black and white dotted fabric for a belt that has a chic and adorable look!

8. Threaded Belts 


Threading is a crafting method that you can always fall back on if you need to quickly update an accessory or if you have too many ideas but feel like you don’t have the time to make them all come to life. Evelina will teach you how to make gorgeous threaded belts and once you get a taste of this technique you won’t be able to give it up!

9. Satin Rope Belt 


If you are in need of a really stylish and unique belt, one that will make you look dashingly galant, you are in luck! This satin rope belt by Fash & Rolla has caught our attention with its mystic black color, daring rope style and satin elegance.

10. Chain Belt 


Metallic accessories are the royalty of all accessories and if you’re going to have a metallic belt, it may as well be golden. Troom Troom will show you how to channel a lush and lavish style in a belt made from suede and a golden chain!

11. Wide Ring Belt 


Wearing a wide belt is a bold fashion statement that mirrors those seen at the most popular fashion shows. When a belt gains the freedom to define the whole outfit you know it was done right! Learn from the experts at Morning by Morning Productions!

12. Paracord Belt 


A paracord belt is a great choice for adventurers who are constantly on the move, chasing the next wild experience and wanting to be comfortable while doing so! DIY Projects has a tutorial for a belt that is soft but goes beyond being just an accessory and actually keeps your pants in place too!