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Dry and Dashing: Cozy, Cost-Effective DIY Bathrobes

We’ve been completely obsessed with making our own bathrobes! In fact, we’re so in love with the process of working with the soft fabrics and making the comfy, wrapping folds that we’ve made more than one bathrobe for every member of our family. That’s why we’ve bookmarked so many different tutorials and patterns for so many different styles and sizes of bathrobes over the last few months.

Just in case you’re as excited about the idea of making your own comfy bathrobes as we were when we first started our pyjama covering kick, here are 15 of the best patterns and designs we’ve come across so far!

1. Kid’s bath robe made from a t-shirt pattern


Particularly when we were quite new to sewing, we’ve always found it helpful to learn how to sew a new garment by choosing a pattern that’s similar to another, more basic garment we already know how to make. That’s why this awesome kids’ bathrobe pattern from Life Sew Savoury caught our eye; it’s actually made from the precise pattern of another garment we’ve made plenty of times! They show you how to create a hooded robe with sleeves and a belt by starting out with a simple t-shirt pattern and working from there.

2. Flowy bath robe with a ribbon edging


Maybe it’s actually a bathrobe for you that you’re mostly interested in making, at least to start out? Well, as much as we love sewing for our family and our kids, we can’t say we blame you; there’s always a little bit of excitement when we finally find the time to make something for ourselves! We gave this lovely, flowy pattern with a cute satin ribbon edging a try recently because it seemed like the perfect morning time garment for spring and we were right! Ours is blue and we wear it constantly because it’s so light and comfortable. Find out how it’s made on Lana Red Studio.

3. Terry cloth shark robe


If you’re going to make a bathrobe for your child, would you rather make one that’s a little sillier looking than the hooded one we already showed you? After all, there are only so many years that your kids will let you dress them up in funny, costume-like things until they start developing a unique fashion sense of their own and don’t want to wear animal hats anymore, for example. That’s why, we kid you not, we made a set of these funny shark robes for every single one of our kids last week! Get the full pattern, complete with instructions for adding the shark’s features, from Crazy Little Projects.

4. DIY kimono towel robe


Perhaps, even though your kids are still classified as “little”, you already have a small fashionista on your hands and they’d like something a little more classic and a little less hokey in the homemade bathrobe department? In that case, we’d suggest taking a look at this super cute kimono style bathrobe that’s perfect for summertime and swimming playdates as the weather warms up! iCandy Handmade shows you how to make it in smaller sizes but, if you’re decently experienced with sewing, it wouldn’t be a hard pattern to alter for an adult size too.

5. No-pattern, easy to sew comfy robe


Are you actually quite neat and tidy when it comes to basic sewing techniques but you don’t have very much practice sewing from patterns, so you’re looking for more of a step by step tutorial with photos and clear instructions? Then we think perhaps we’ve found just the thing for you! This guide featured on Oil and Blue gives you step by step instructions for making a classically styled bathrobe with three quarter length sleeves and, a waist tie, and a collar.

6. Simple bath towel robe


Were you pretty intrigued by the mention of a bathrobe that’s made from towel material but you’re just not sure your kids will want to wear a shark themed garment, no matter how much they liked costumes and dressing up? Then perhaps a plain towel robe would be a better idea for them! We often refer beginner sewing enthusiasts who want to try their hand at making bathrobes to this simple kids’ pattern from Blog Lovin’ that actually gives you helpful tips and tricks for working with terrycloth specifically.

7. Simple fleecy robe with no pattern


Terrycloth robes are nice for the kids because they can actually use them to dry off when they get out of the bath tub, the swimming pool, or the waves at the beach, but when it comes to making robes for ourselves, we find we’d prefer something a little softer and more comfy, since we’re more likely to curl up in our robe to enjoy a morning coffee or read a book. That’s why we really liked this fleece idea from Miloslava Krasnopolskaya! We actually used this pattern and fabric suggestion to make ourselves a warmer robe for the fall and winter when the mornings are too chilly for the blue ribbon edged one we told you about earlier on our list.

8. Pretty metallic design house robe


Are you all in for the idea of making a nice spring or summer robe from a lighter fabric but you’d rather go with something more trendy and flashy than just plain colours and ribbon? Then check out this adorable metallic print idea featured on Daily Dose of Ash! Sure, you could use this pattern to get the style in just about any fabric, whether it’s printed with metallic shapes and patterns or not, but we do like that it gives you a few specific tips for working with that nearly-sheer chiffon material you see in the photo.

9. Dual colour towel robe with pockets


Are you actually still thinking about the kids’ towel robe idea even though you’ve been scrolling for a while now, but you’re kind of feeling at least a little bit up to the challenge? Then maybe adding pockets and working with more than one colour would sound appealing to you! That’s exactly what Craft Remedy did here but, rather than working with terrycloth material from the fabric store, they show you how to make it happen with actual upcycled towels.

10. Dressing gown from an old duvet cover


Has the thing that’s caught your attention most so far been the idea of making robes out of upcycled materials but we just haven’t yet named a kind of fabric that you’ve got sitting around, since all your towels are new? Well, have you ever felt an old fashioned robe made from lighter material that was very smooth, rather than fuzzy fleece things, and quite enjoyed it because it felt like your bedding? Then maybe you’ll have an old duvet cover lying around that you could spare instead! Check out how Karima’s Crafts made this more traditionally styled robe from their cover, lining all their pieces up so the stripes sit nice, straight, and vertically.

11. Vintage sheet robe


Were you really quite interested when we mentioned the idea of a light robe that feels as smooth as your bedding, but it’s just not a duvet cover that you have available for upcycling? Then perhaps you’d rather turn to the old sheets in your closet and choose a set you don’t use anymore but that features colours and patterns you quite enjoy! We’re very big fans of the idea of transforming vintage sheets into a robe to give them a new lease on life, just like Melly Sews did here. Their tutorial guides you through the whole process of making a short robe that’s great for wearing in the summer!

12. Lace trimmed bridal robe DIY


Whether you’re actually getting married or not, there’s just something so incredibly stunning about bridal robes because they’re most often made of smooth, cool silk featuring some kind of beautifully delicate lace trim around the bottom. Buying a classic bridal style robe from a store, however, can be quite expensive particularly because of the very details we just mentioned! That’s why we were so intent on learning how to make lovely boudoir style pieces on our own. Besides, what’s more fun than being in control of every detail down to the colour combinations, rather than just picking from what’s available on the rack in the store? Get the full instructions for making a gorgeous bridal robe like the one you see in the photo on Tailor Crazed.

13. DIY bath robe from a fuzzy blanket


We know we’ve talked all about warm, cozy robes made from all kinds of soft materials by this point, but what if the style of robe you had in mind was even warmer and even cozier than fleece or terrycloth? Well, it sounds like what you’re describing would feel almost like wearing a blanket with sleeves… so that’s exactly what Sweet Teal! Check out their step by step tutorial to learn how to create a beautifully snuggly bathrobe that’s actually made from a warm, soft fuzzy blanket! They made the short version that you see in the photo, but leaving yours long is a very simple alteration that we have full faith in your abilities to handle.

14. Super warm lined fleece robe


By this point, we’ve shown you many different kinds of kids’ robes but, if you’re anything like us, you’re maybe a little bit picky when it comes to making things for your kids because they’re always changing their minds about what they like and you just want to give them the best. That’s why we figured we might as well throw one more option onto the list, since most of the kids’ styles we showed you were summery or best fit for bath time or the beach! This dual coloured, lined fleece design from Made By Rae, however, is designed to simply keep your little ones cozy and warm when they come down for breakfast on a chilly winter’s morning. We love that their tutorial gives you a full lesson in learning how to line simple garments!