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Cruelty-Free Creations: 12 Things You Can Make with Faux Fur 

Fur has always been at the center of fashion and home decor, but many people have since recognized that faux fur is a much better alternative, because it doesn’t involve any animals suffering or being killed, but it still gives you the very same look! If you’re looking to make something that feels furry to the touch and has a significantly animalistic look, we encourage you to opt for faux fur and get inspired with these DIY faux fur creations! 

1. Faux Fur Throw Blanket 


Throw blankets feel like a godsend. When you’re chilling on the couch at the end of a long and stressful day, nothing can feel better than being wrapped in a soft and warm throw blanket! A faux fur blanket is definitely going to feel the softest and you can make it yourself if you follow Lia Griffith‘s tutorial!

2. Faux Fur Decorative Tree 


Decorating your home isn’t something you do just once and then you’re done forever; it’s something that is always in motion. You’re always coming up with new ideas and running into new inspirations. If you’ve been eyeing furry decor pieces, check out Tatertots & Jello‘s faux fur decorative tree!

3. Faux Fur Pom Pom 


Pom poms are the absolute cutest! They have such a versatile use – you can keep them as party decorations or as an ornament on your purse, clothes etc. Make a big pom pom from faux fur and put it on your hat to create a chic winter look! The Purple Poncho guides you through the whole process.

4. Faux Fur Hat 


Speaking of hats, if you want to sport a truly winter-appropriate hat that is going to turn some heads, don’t pass up on Stacyco‘s faux fur hat! It’s a great winter piece that also has a very fashionable look and is going to keep you as warm as it keeps you stylish!

5. Faux Fur Throw Pillows 


Throw pillows must be the most hugged pillows in the world, would you agree? There is something about them that feels so snuggly, we’re always hugging them! If you want to give them an extra plushy feel, as well as a modern chic look, we can’t think of a better choice than these faux fur throw pillows by Bunny Baubles!

6. Faux Fur Cowl Scarf 


As you’ve already noticed, the faux fur style is one that is really thriving in the winter! If our grandmothers used to wear furry scarves to keep them warm, you can now wear the same style of scarves but without any animals harmed! Get the tutorial for a faux  fur cowl scarf at The DIY Mommy!

7. Faux Fur Ornaments 


To decorate your home for the winter in a very unique way, hang up these faux fur ornaments we found at The DIY Dreamer! They are going to make your living space feel wonderfully warm and comfy, but make sure they’re out of reach if you have kittens!

8. Faux Fur Stools 


A faux fur stool is a gorgeous modern element that can leave its imprint on any room of the house. You know as well as we do that when things are modern, they’re expensive. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on a chic stool – simply visit Kitchy Kitchen and learn how to make it yourself!

9. Faux Fur Collar 


There’s a perfectly functioning winter coat in your closet but you feel called to refashion it and add something exceptional to it. How about a faux fur collar? It’s a simple way to bring some style to your plain coat and who could give up some extra plush? You can find out all about it at eHow!

10. Faux Fur Clutch 


Fashion has always been obsessed with fur. Be on the frontline of change by consciously choosing faux fur over real fur and so impact the industry one product at a time! It also helps to show off an incredibly trendy faux fur clutch, like the one featured at TiB!

11. Colored Faux Fur Shoes 


Is regular faux fur a little too boring for you? Let’s face it, you can catch a glimpse of it almost everywhere you turn to and a free-spirit like yourself needs something that stands out from the crowd! Our money is on these colored faux fur shoes by How Old Is Too Old!

12. Faux Fur Tote 


And since you’re going to need an accessory to go with those shoes, here’s a colored faux fur tote! If your greatest fear is blending in, you don’t need to doubt this tote – it’s always going to make heads turn! Visit Design Love Fest and spy on the making-of process!