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15 Cute DIY Apron Patterns for Keeping Clean in the Kitchen

If you’re an avid baker or a cooking enthusiast, then you’re familiar with how messy working in the kitchen can be. Instead of taking the time to change outfits before each time they cook, most people opt for grabbing an apron to cover their clothes instead. You could buy an apron, but isn’t making things yourself always a lot more fun?

Check out these 15 adorable, easy, and practical sewing patterns that you’ll love making!

1. Lady’s Apron by Sewing in No-Man’s Land


This fancy, frilly apron looks like a classic piece from the 1950s and we’re in love with it! It’s long enough to give good coverage and it features a pocket, just in case.

2. DIY ruffled apron by Jojo & Eloise

VIEW IN GALLERYStylish DIY ruffled apron

This gorgeously ruffled apron pattern is prettier than most of our actual outfits! We think this would make a beautiful house warming, wedding, or birthday gift for someone who adores cooking and baking.

3. Men’s dress shirt apron by Love Grows Wild

VIEW IN GALLERYDIY Men’s dress shirt apron

This apron pattern is practical and it upcycles an old short. What more would we ask for? The tutorial shows you how to make a full coverage apron from a large men’s dress shirt.

4. French-inspired tea towel apron by Jolly Goode Gal

VIEW IN GALLERYLovely French-inspired tea towel apron

This apron includes a tulle under layer so that it resembles a classic French maid style. It’s slightly more modern looking, however, because it’s made of repurposed tea towels!

5. Gathering apron by Tip Junkie

VIEW IN GALLERYGathering apron

This pattern reminds you how useful half aprons that go just around your waist can be! If that’s the style you prefer, then you still have countless DIY options. We love the contrasting patterns in this design.

6. 10-minute dish towel apron by Fynes Designs

VIEW IN GALLERY10-minute dish towel apron

Do you love the idea of making an apron out of a repurposed tea towel but need something quicker and simpler than the previous design we listed? This pattern only takes you 30 minutes to make even though it’s absolutely adorable!

7. DIY 30-minute apron by Flamingo Toes

VIEW IN GALLERYDIY 30-minute apron

Here’s another 30 minute apron tutorial for you, just in case you’d like the same style and speed but without using a towel. The pom pom edging along the bottom is particularly adorable.

8. Tea time apron by Sew 4 Home

VIEW IN GALLERYTea time apron

We love the idea of incorporating a theme into the design of your apron! A tea set makes for the perfect little apron. Try to find tea set material or use any material you like and heat press teacup fabric decals onto each pocket once you’re finished sewing.

9. My Girlfriends Breakfast Club apron by You Can Make This

VIEW IN GALLERYBreakfast Club apron

We love how this pattern uses different colours and patterns of fabric to create a bright quilted effect. This apron style is a little bit longer for extra coverage, but without restricting your torso while you move about the kitchen.

10. Bandana apron by Martha Stewart

VIEW IN GALLERYBandana apron

Bandanas are easy to come by, affordable to purchase, and great for quick sewing projects because their edges are already neat and finished! This tutorial shows you how easily a bandana and be transformed into a little waist apron.

11. Kitchen Confections apron by Sew 4 Home

VIEW IN GALLERYKitchen Confections apron

This apron has it all; full coverage on the top and bottom, ties that let you adjust tightness, and pockets for placing things as you move around the kitchen. It’s also a classic style that will never be out of style.

12. Simple retro Christmas apron by Flamingo Toes

VIEW IN GALLERYSimple retro Christmas apron

Themed aprons are especially fun to make! They’re perfect for each new season and they make great gifts. This simple Christmas apron pattern is totally retro looking and we can’t get enough of the shaped pockets and frilled edge.

13. Pearl and Pumps apron by Delia Creates

VIEW IN GALLERYPumps and Pearls apron

Here’s another adorable variation on the classic 1950s style apron! We love the pleats at the bust and the thick tie around the middle. It’ll practically look like part of your outfit rather than just a kitchen garment that covers your clothes!

14. Anthropologie-inspired apron by Jojo & Eloise

VIEW IN GALLERYDIY apron inspired by Anthropologie

What’s better than creating your own version of a brand name item that would have cost you a lot more money? We can’t get enough of the pleats at the bus, nor the trendy mint colour across the waist. You’ll save money and feel a lot more accomplished.

15. Kids DIY wipe-down apron by Ruffles and Stuff

VIEW IN GALLERYKids DIY wipe-down apron

Kids can make use of pretty little aprons too! These wipe-down aprons are a great way to protect their clothes while they help you cook or while they craft with paints and other messy supplies. You’ll be a lot less worried about spills when you know the garment washes so easily!