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10 Adorable Animals You Can Make From Upcycled Socks 

Socks are the one thing in every home that always goes missing. There’s always one sock present in a pair and we have no idea what happened to the other one. Did the washing machine eat it? If you’re wondering what you can do with the sock that’s missing a pair, the answer is obvious: stuffed animals! Here are 10 DIY sock animals you can choose from!

1. Sock Elephant 


This elephant totally doesn’t look like it has a history of being a sock! It’s incredibly adorable and the perfect gift for your little toddler who is just starting to learn about wild animals. Maybe this sock elephant even becomes their new favorite toy! Get the instructions at Craft Passion.

2. Sock Monkey 


A lot of us have had a toy monkey as kids and now as adults, we want to create the same joy for our own children. Monkeys represent playfulness and just a little bit of mischief, which is something every kid can get on board with. Check out how Easy Sewing made this sock monkey!

3. Sock Owl 


A sock owl is without a doubt the most unique toy you can make for your kid! Choose a super colorful sock for this one to create a toy that is one of a kind and ruffle up some feathers with the other owl toys that all look the same. Get all the details at Crafts ’n Coffee!

4. Sock Puppy 


Children love puppies and a little plush puppy will always bring a smile to their face. Dive into the big stack of socks that are missing a pair and pick one that is going to become your little one’s new best friend! Martha Stewart shares the secrets behind this sock puppy.

5. Sock Sloth 


Sloths are very underrated animals. Not only are they adorable, they also have a very unique personality. Most kids play with stuffed teddy bears, but a toy sloth can be a very good playmate too! Invite your little one to help you make this sock sloth by Craft Passion and turn it into an afternoon bonding experience!

6. Sock Rabbits 


All kids love bunnies! They are one of the most adorable animals and surely your mini-me has begged you to buy them a bunny countless times. When a live bunny is simply not an option, a sock bunny by Rainbow’s Crafts and Creations is the perfect alternative!

7. Sock Kitty 


Are you a cat person or a dog person? If you love the independence and sassiness of cats, make this adorable kitty from an upcycled sock, following the tutorial at My Pastel Cafe. You can snuggle with this one whenever you want, without any danger of the claws coming out!

8. Sock Fox 


Foxes are the tricksters of the animal kingdom. Channel their brave and courageous spirit with this sock fox and give your child a toy that will always remind them that life is an adventure that shouldn’t be taken too seriously! You’ll find the instructions at Cut Out + Keep.

9. Sock Zebra 


If you have a striped sock that is looking for a new day job, we can’t imagine a better way to repurpose it than to turn it into a toy zebra! In nature, zebras are black and white, but in your imagination their color depends on the color of your socks. Get the full tutorial at Sew Make Believe!

10. Sock Seal 


This adorable sock seal is just waiting to be cuddled! No matter how old we get, stuffed animals always have a special place in our hearts. The next time you’re having a hard day, snuggling with this sock seal by Childmade is going to make it all better!