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Pour Blue Water Into a Diaper and You’ll Grow Amazing Potted Plants and Herbs

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If we’d tell you that you could take a diaper and turn it into a wonder-tool that will help you grow amazing plants, you would obviously just laugh it away. But then, this little DIY project shows how a diaper can help you nurture your potted plants and herb gardens, while taking care of their watering needs. Sounds absolutely incredible? Well, let us break it down for you and tell you all about the plant-growing diaper, the magic blue liquid that turns into a gel and how it all fits into the story.

Basically, the project taps into the one thing diapers are famous for – absorbing a whole lot of liquid. Here we just pour some water into an unused diaper and let it absorb it all. Now, if you were wondering where the blue color came from, it is just basic food coloring. Now just rip open the diaper, take out the hydro-gel inside that is capable of absorbing enormous amounts of water and add even more water till it can absorb no more.

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That is pretty much it! You got a bio-degradable, no-toxic and planet-friendly hydro-gel that can store up enormous amounts of water and release it over a sustained period of time. You can mix this water-rich gel with potting soil and start with your own little potted plant collection or even a cool herb garden in the kitchen. As the gel releases the absorbent water slowly, you will need to water your plants a lot less often.

Who knew you could take a diaper and make some freakishly absorbent potting soil that will take care of the watering needs of your plant! You can cut back on using food coloring for a transparent gel that can be used pretty much anywhere. A perfect solution in time for spring gardening!

Here’s the video.

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