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9 Foot and Handprint Art Ideas for Kids

When it comes to your kids, finding things to occupy them can often be difficult and even more so when they start getting into the holiday mood. That, however, is about to end with our list of fun DIY ideas today! We have a roundup of super-cool crafts that you and your kids can enjoy together and today’s series is all about getting those hands and feet dirty – It is time for footprint and handprint crafts!

1. Yearly Handprint

VIEW IN GALLERYYearly Handprint

VIEW IN GALLERYDIY yearly Handprint

A great way of seeing how your child growing is to get them to do a hand print with some paint on simple canvas. Watch as the years’ progress and how despite the innocence of childhood fading away, you can still preserve a part of it with those colorful hand prints!

2. Alphabet Handprint

VIEW IN GALLERYAlphabet Handprint

Mommy Minutes combines hand prints, creativity and learning in a fun fashion with this awesome Alphabet handprint chart. What a great way to keep your little ones both busy and happy even while letting them learn a few those alphabets.

3. Sand Footprint


If you want to make a keepsake that you can cherish for years to come, then making a sand footprint is another great option. (It does not have to be about hands all the time!) Head over to Paging Fun Mums for more information on how to make one yourself.

4. Family Tree Handprint

VIEW IN GALLERYFamily Tree Handprint

Get the whole family involved and make your own unique family tree handprint this fall. This will make a lovely addition to your home and will be an addition that would be cherished for years to come. Creative Carmella offer a step-by-step guide on how to get this done in absolutely no time at all.

5. Disney Inspired Footprint

VIEW IN GALLERYDisney Inspired Footprint

If you have a tiny princess who loves all things Disney, why not get her involved as you make a portrait of her favorite princesses! This is a fun and easy project to do and will look great once framed and hung on the girls’ bedroom wall.

6. Hand and Photo Keepsake

VIEW IN GALLERYDIY hand and Photo Keepsake

VIEW IN GALLERYHand and Photo Keepsake

What better of making a handprint gift and a photo frame at the same time than this fabulous little project from Teach Me Mommy. Get them to print their hands around a heart that you can then use to hold a photo and its pretty much done!

7. Footprint Flower Pot

VIEW IN GALLERYFootprint flower Pot

You can easily make a footprint flower pot and this is definitely our favorite footprint project of all those on display today. All you need are two willing feet to do the job and Snapguide shows you how you can turn those seemingly ordinary footprints into a cool butterfly

8. Mother’s Day Footprint Card

VIEW IN GALLERYMother’s Day Footprint Card

What better way to show how much you love your mum on Mother’s Day (or any other day) than by making this personalized card? Simply use your child’s feet to make the prints into the shape of a flower and craft this super cute Mother’s Day card.

9. Handprint Wall Art

VIEW IN GALLERYHandprint Wall Art

If you have a blank space on your wall that needs to be filled, why not consider making your own handprint wall art with the help of your little ones. Creatively Living promises to guide you along as you craft this personalized piece of wall art.