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The Seductive and Mysterious Appeal of Dark Makeup  

Black is the one color that is always classy and always in style. Other trends come and go, but black is for life! The darkest shade of the color spectrum has a big influence on the beauty industry and usually comes out to play at the most glamorous events. If you’re willing to experiment with a dark makeup, we’ve brought you some of the best tutorials!

1. Romantic Smokey Eye 


The smokey eye is probably one of the most classic dark makeup looks and ever a favorite! It’s a very bold look to wear in your everyday life, yet almost an expected one if you’re going to a fancy event! Amanda Ensing is going to show you how to create the classic smokey eye with a romantic undertone!

2. Dark Autumn Makeup 


We love seasonal makeup! It’s a great way to either be in tune with the season that you’re currently experiencing or to channel a season that you’re missing very much. If you love the colors of the fall, Chloe Boucher‘s dark autumn makeup is going to inspire you very much!

3. Dramatic Dark Makeup 


There’s no denying that dark makeup has a certain flair for the dramatics. It looks very mysterious, which is why you’ll be the target of many secret looks from people who are trying to figure out why they feel so captivated by you. Our favorite dramatic dark makeup comes from It’s Likely Makeup!

4. Modern Goth Makeup 


Back in the olden days, before dark makeup was considered a testament of elegance, it was usually associated with a gothic style. If you want to channel some of that outcast spirit but give it a modern upgrade, check out Kayleigh Noelle‘s tutorial for a modern goth makeup!

5. Classic Goth Makeup 


If you’re shuddering at the thought of modernizing the classic goth look, we totally don’t want you to feel left out! We love the dark and daring nature of the typical goth makeup and if you want to play around with it, check out the tutorial at Snowy Lowther!

6. Vampy Makeup 


Another classic archetype that comes to mind when thinking of dark makeup are vampires. In pop culture they are represented as mysterious and deeply emotional charming teenage boys, but some of us still remember the times when vampires wore a strikingly dark makeup! You can see the inspiration at It’s Likely Makeup.

7. Dark Witchy Makeup 


When we’re talking about all things dark and mysterious, we can’t left the witches out of the equation! Channel your inner witch through a bold and fearless dark makeup by Jade the Libra that is going to make you the focal point everywhere you go!

8. Everyday Dark Makeup 


A dark makeup’s purpose isn’t just to serve as a glam look, it can absolutely serve you as a daily look as well! It’s a very daring move, but with the right tutorial you can absolutely pull it off! To create balance, only darken one area of your face, just like Easy Neon did with darkening the eyes but leaving the lips simple and bare!

9. Fifty Shades Dark Makeup 


Dark doesn’t only mean black, there are definitely other shades you can play around with to create a dark makeup look. Nikkie Tutorials is going to show you how to use grey shades to create a seductive style that was inspired by the popular 50 Shades of Grey franchise.

10. Dark Drugstore Makeup 


Do you love watching YouTube makeup tutorials for hours on end, but always get a headache afterwards because you google the products used in the videos and almost can’t believe how expensive they are? Sarahy Delarosa‘s tutorial for dark makeup only uses drugstore products!

11. Glamorous Dark Makeup 


Last but not least, we wanted to highlight the elegance and glamour of the dark makeup because it is so often seen at red carpets and lavish events, there is definitely an art to it. See how Chloe Morello managed to capture the most majestic and sophisticated essence of the dark makeup!