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Creative Ways to Liven Up Walls with Paint

Giving any space a new paint job is always exciting, but sometimes solidly colored walls just aren’t enough. If artists who paint on canvas can be as creative as they choose in order to achieve a unique look, why can’t you do the same?

Check out these unique ideas for getting crafty with your next paint job!


VIEW IN GALLERYAbstract waves on wall with paint

(Photo source: Lushome)

Bring colour and pattern into the room by painting abstract waves. The more uneven, the more whimsical and abstract the atmosphere will be!


VIEW IN GALLERYWatercolor on walls

(Photo source: Lushome)

The beautiful patterns and shades you see in watercolour paintings can transform your room if you paint them right onto the walls instead of a little canvas!


VIEW IN GALLERYSwirls with paint

(Photo source: Homedit)

Perhaps you love the idea of thick lines, but straight ones are too harsh for the look you want? Try painting solid swirling lines instead!


VIEW IN GALLERYsponge-paint

(Photo source: Lushome)

Adding a little texture takes your paint job to the next level. Dip a sponge with large holes into your paint and dab it onto the wall for a unique visual effect.

Wood grain

VIEW IN GALLERYwood-grain-paint

(Photo source: DIY Network)

Wooden walls can be hard to maintain, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a wooden aesthetic in your room. Dragging a simple graining tool (available at most craft and home stores) down the wet paint lets you add the effect yourself in any colour you choose!

Patterned rollers

VIEW IN GALLERYpatterned-roller-paint

(Photo source: Lushome)

Instead of trying to apply patterned wallpaper, take the pattern straight to the walls! Textured rollers let you paint shapes and effects directly onto the walls in whatever colour you choose to give the room some personality.

Geometric stencils

VIEW IN GALLERYpatterened-stencil-paint

(Photo source: Freshideen)

Stencils are a great way to add style to your walls, ensuring that straight lines stay straight and shapes stay proportionate. They don’t have to be expensive either! Try making your own from cardboard.


VIEW IN GALLERYombre-paint

(Photo source: Lushome)

Painting an ombre effect on your walls lets you fade into different shades of the same colour, or even into different colours! The gradient looks gorgeous and lets you get more versatile with the rest of your decor.

Letters and sayings

VIEW IN GALLERYLetter-saying-paint

(Photo source: Homedit)

Wall decals are cute, but stenciling your favourite quotes right onto the wall in paint has more impact!


VIEW IN GALLERYVivacious jungle paint

Nothing will make you kids’ playroom feel more adventurous than jungle scenery painted across their walls.

Filled geometric shapes

VIEW IN GALLERYfilled-geometric-paint

(Photo source: DIY Ready)

Coloured stripes

VIEW IN GALLERYcoloured-lines-paint

(Photo source: Remodelaholic)

Metallic lines

VIEW IN GALLERYabstract-metallic-paint

(Photo source: Homedit)

Do you like the geometric shapes and lines idea but not the filled spaces? Add some umph to the pattern by painting your lines in gold metallic paint!

Cross Stitch

VIEW IN GALLERYCross stitch paint pattern

(Photo source: Country Living)

Painting an image made of small X’s will give the illusion that your wall is a giant, gorgeous needlepoint project. You might even follow an actual cross stitching pattern to get your image just right!

Brush lines

VIEW IN GALLERYpaint-brush-texture-paint

(Photo source: DIY Network)

Most homeowners paint carefully in order to avoid brush lines on their walls, but embracing the lines adds texture! Give your room some reclaimed personality by letting your strokes show.

Did you find another way to spiff up your walls using unique painting techniques? Tell us what you did in the comments!