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Beauty Found In Smallest Things: 10 Adorable DIY Magnets

These days it’s hard to find a household that doesn’t have at least a few magnets displayed on their fridge, holding up a friend’s postcard, a sentimental photograph or their child’s assignment on global warming! But your magnets don’t have to be boring and plain – you can make them yourself to fit your interior and the overall appeal of your home! Check out these 10 DIY magnets that will add to the beauty in your home!

1. Coastal Magnets

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It’s always good to daydream about the summer and the coast! If you love the smell of the ocean, the feeling of sand under your bare feet and the sun on your skin … bring this into your home by making these coastal magnets we found at Mod Podge Rocks!

2. Dictionary Magnets

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Everybody has a favorite word. Think about it: what’s your favorite word, one you’d like to think of every single day? Pick it out, then visit Crafts By Amanda and make yourself a dictionary magnet with your chosen word; but warning, you’ll probably feel compelled to make more than just one!

3. Party Animal Magnets

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If you are an animal lover these magnets will make you so happy! They look pretty majestic, but we promise you that the making-of is ridiculously simple! If you don’t believe us, run over to Sugar And Cloth and see for yourself!

4. Crystal Magnets

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Not only do they look magical, they also bring in the good, healing energies! They are as far away from regular, monotone magnets as possible, so raise the vibration of your home and make these stunning crystal magnets! Almost Makes Perfect has a great tutorial!

5. Instagram Magnets

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This is the perfect way to capture your favorite memories, ones that you want to relieve day in and day out! These are also the perfect gift for your loved ones, as they will be reminded of how much they mean to you, on a daily basis! Living Your Creative will help you out!

6. Letter Magnets

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Here’s a fantastic idea for bigger households that always forget to tell each other important things: spell it out on the fridge with magnets! You can tell your spouse what to pick up in a grocery store or just wish your teenagers a good day in high school! Mod Podge Rocks has an awesome tutorial!

7. Emoji Magnets

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If there are younger generations living in your home, this is really the only way you’ll be able to truly communicate. Express your deepest feelings and most profound facial expressions with these emoji magnets! You can count on The Surznick Common Room for a how-to!

8. Mason Jar Lid Magnets

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So you’ve used up the mason jars for some other DIY project, but now you’re stuck with a few lids and don’t know what do with them. Unoriginal Mom has a perfect project for you! Turn the mason jar lids into cute, personal magnets that will bring a smile to your face every day!

9. Polaroid Magnets

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Another super adorable idea that will also work as an incredibly sentimental gift: Polaroid magnets! They will especially compliment the vintage households, but will make anyone happy who can appreciate captured moments! See how you can make them at Sundae Sin!

10. Gold Letters

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The regular magnet letters you normally see on a fridge sure are sweet, but we can’t say they do much for your décor. We suppose you want to take things to a more sophisticated level? Make those magnet letters gold! How? Inspired By Charm spills the secret!

Do you feel a magnetic pull towards crafting? Must be this article’s fault!