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Tire Track Rainbow Loom Bracelets – Tutorial

Anyone with kids in their life with know that loom bracelets are just about the biggest craze ever! They’ve been around for some time and are still hugely popular, so why not try your hand at making something a little more imaginative and exciting?

Your kids will just love this tire track rainbow loom bracelet, which as you can see in the pictures is in a whole different league than any you’ve seen before! Made with double or single bands depending on the size you’d prefer, it’s incredibly easy to put these bracelets together and the results are nothing short of incredible.

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Chances are they’ll be the envy of their friends, and you’ll be just about the coolest person on Earth for showing them this amazing technique!

Brilliant Bracelets

What’s really great about these bracelets is how they’re just as much fun to make as they are to wear! It’s an absolute joy to get busy with a simple loom and hook, adding your own personal touch to the design here and there as you choose! Speaking of which, it’s always worth trying out a few different color combinations – choose a couple of your favorites use every color of the rainbow!

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Loom bracelets are fast, fun and fabulously affordable to make as craft projects! And speaking of affordable, the brilliant tutorial video you’ll find below is free to use and to share as many times as you like! You’ll find a whole world of amazing and inspiring loom band ideas across our collection – each of which we’ve tried out dozens of times to ensure they’re every bit as brilliant as they look!

An affordable craft that’s suitable for all ages and costs next to nothing to take up!

YouTube video

It’s a pretty sweet deal by anyone’s standards – especially for those with loom band-lovers in their lives!