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Wonderful DIY Simple Woven Bracelet

VIEW IN GALLERYHow-to-Weave-DIY-Simple-Bracelet-10 VIEW IN GALLERYHow-to-Weave-DIY-Simple-Bracelet-1 VIEW IN GALLERYHow-to-Weave-DIY-Simple-Bracelet-2 VIEW IN GALLERYHow-to-Weave-DIY-Simple-Bracelet-3 VIEW IN GALLERYHow-to-Weave-DIY-Simple-Bracelet-4 VIEW IN GALLERYHow-to-Weave-DIY-Simple-Bracelet-5 VIEW IN GALLERYHow-to-Weave-DIY-Simple-Bracelet-6 VIEW IN GALLERYHow-to-Weave-DIY-Simple-Bracelet-7 VIEW IN GALLERYHow-to-Weave-DIY-Simple-Bracelet-8 VIEW IN GALLERYHow-to-Weave-DIY-Simple-Bracelet-9Here is an easy tutorial on how to weave a simple bracelet, it looks great and it wold be a great gift for your family or friends ! You don’t have to spend much on a nice new bracelet because you can make one easily by yourself.You can use other materials like cotton or leather to make this woven bracelet. And be sure using your favorite colors to create your own design. Have fun !

What you will need :

  • yarn
  • safety pin
  • something to hold the safety pin, such as a piece of clothVIEW IN GALLERYHow-to-Weave-DIY-Simple-Bracelet