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Wonderful DIY Rainbow Paracord Dog Collar

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This paracord collar are really fun and pretty easy to make once you get the hang of the knot or braid you’re trying to use. They’re good projects to do with kids. I also made myself a bracelet using the same technique, so even if you don’t have a brooding teen or a dog to craft for, you can do this project too.
Do you know ? Within some military units, it’s a tradition to make what is known as a “combat bracelet” using paracord from a soldier’s trouser ties and a button from their uniform. Each soldier makes one for the next so each one has a bracelet made by someone else. These are then worn on the mission by each soldier and only taken off when the whole unit returns.

You will need:
rainbow 550 paracord
side release buckle
small key ring
measuring tape (optional)
painter’s tape (optional)
Source: https://bit.ly/1jNT7O6