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Wonderful DIY Pumpkin Black Cat O’lanterns

VIEW IN GALLERYblackcat-cat lantern FBlack cats watch over trick-or-treaters at your door ! That’s a good Halloween idea !
“All you need are a few pumpkins in feline shapes ― long or pear-shaped for the body, small and round for the face.No need to hollow out the body. Just clean out and carve the head, then add mini pumpkin paws, curvy cucumber tails, and ears from stiffened felt or black card stock from the craft store. Then, light the candle, get the candy, and watch your Halloween cats come to life”—-Big thanks to Sunset, get the step by step   now…

Click here for the Instructions from ‘Sunset’

VIEW IN GALLERYPumpkin-Carving FDIY-amazing-pumpkin-carving — Check here