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Wonderful DIY Lovely Hedgehog Bread

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This hedgehog is absolutely the cutest thing ever. Everyone will love it !

– 500 grams flour
– 300 milliliters warm milk
– 50 grams sugar
– 10 grams honey
– 20 grams fresh yeast or 7 g dried yeast
– 40 grams soft butter
– 10 grams salt
– 1 tablespoon of milk
– dry fruits for the eyes and nose

To make the dough mix the following ingredients: warm milk, soft butter, sugar, honey, salt, flour and yeast. Flip the dough on the drawing board and divide it into four pieces. If you want you can make smaller hedgehogs so you have to divide the dough in smaller pieces depending on how many hedgehogs you want to mode. Shape the dough to look like a hedgehog. To model the spikes you have to use a scissor and just pinch the dough a little bit (you don’t want to pinch the dough to deep). After you finish shaping the spikes with a little brush spreed on the hedgehogs a mixture made from: one egg and a tablespoon of milk and salt. Cover the hedgehogs with a clean towel and leave the at room temperature for 15 minutes to grow a little bit more. Don’t forget to make the eyes and nose using dry fruits. You can also fill the dough with jam, cranberry sauce or even Nutella. Preheat the oven and put baking papers in your tray. Bake for 40 – 50 minutes at 220 degrees (depending on the size).VIEW IN GALLERYcute hedgehog bread1