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DIY Old Log Flower Planters for a Colorful Garden

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With Spring in full swing we’re seeing more and more people taking care of their gardens. From checking the watering system to planting flowers or different trees, everyone is busy beautifying their backyards. Which is why we’re trying to be helpful — we have an amazing project that turns old fallen logs into stunning planters.

We got the idea last fall after a long walk with our dog in the woods, and after reading Kendra’s blogpost on how she turned a log into a flower planter. What made it even more beautiful was the fact that it has literally no cost (unless of course, if you don’t own an ax, or you can’t find an old log).

VIEW IN GALLERYColorful flowers planted in a log (AZPlantLady)
Colorful flowers planted in a log (AZPlantLady)

Without further ado, here’s what you’ll need. A log that is at least 40-50″ long, an ax to hollow out the center (and we advise you to use a chainsaw, too, in order to get a more “finished” look), and any other tool you can use to strip all the bark off — or you can leave it on, if you think it’s cooler. Make sure you got the best soil and just plant the flowers in. The more color, the better. And don’t forget to water them.

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VIEW IN GALLERYoutdoor log flower planter

We know for sure that this log flower plant project is going to make your home or garden a joyous, bright place. So if you do decide to make it yourself, send us some pictures.