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Wonderful DIY Glowing in the Dark Log Campfire Stools

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These cool glow-in-the-dark log stools would be the perfect out-of-this-world seating arrangement. What an easy way to spice up your backyard seating area or very cool for the campfire! There’s nothing we love more than an outdoor cookout on a summer night. Sitting around the fire, enjoying nature, and cooking up delicious meals are what summer is known for around here. And you don’t even have to worry about tripping over the logs when the fire goes down.

Make these glow-in-the-dark log campfire stools, you don’t even need real logs to create these stools, just seating that can be transformed into chairs that glow in the night. Please check the tutorial via Wikihow. You’ll love to try this DIY.

 Glowing Tree Stump Stools Tutorial

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