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Gorgeous Gardening – Create Your Own Hanging Succulent Ball

Create your very own professional-quality garden features without the professional price tag – all with a little help from our free guides! Succulents are among the easiest and indeed the most satisfying plants you can have in your garden, so why not kick things up a notch or two with these amazing hanging succulent balls? Easy to make, even easier to look after and guaranteed to become a central focal-point of your garden, you’ll need just a few basic gardening supplies and a dash of your own creativity! [Full tutorial on Smart Drought Plants]

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This is one of our favorite gardening guides of all for the simple reason that it promises outstanding results with little to no effort and for minimal costs. Follow our guide and you’ll see that with little more than a couple of hanging baskets you can easily assembly an awe-inspiring floral feature, guaranteed to bring joy to your garden throughout the season.

Hanging Succulent Balls, Living Works of Art

You’ll also see on this page that we’ve included a little extra – a quite amazing guide on how to make a living work of art for your garden! Simply by giving an old picture frame a second life in the great outdoors, it’s easy to transform what would be a normal bed of succulents into a quite incredibly beautiful and creative garden feature!

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As with all of our guides across the board, you won’t need a great many supplies to get started and nor is any prior experience required. Just as long as you’re the type that likes to get stuck into DIY around the home and garden, you’ll be more than a little impressed by what you can come up with!

Garden Hanging Succulent Ball [Tutorial]

And while you’re at it. What about this Succulent ball wreath? Quite gorgeous, no?

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