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Wonderful DIY Fingerless Gloves From Socks

VIEW IN GALLERYfingerless-gloves-out-of-socks1 VIEW IN GALLERYFingerless-Gloves-Made-from-Socks-FHow to turn a pair of socks into some cute gloves?It’s easy ! This creative idea will make you enjoy the cold days. Now it’s summer, I want to make a long one to protect my arms from sunscreen when I drive a car , I think I need to choose a pair of thin and long socks, that’s a wonderful idea , isn’t it ?

You will need:
– a pair of socks;
– scissors;
– needle and cotton thread;
– felt.

1. Buy the matching socks or recycle your old socks and make the measurements so that your thumb should be where the heal starts to curve.
2. Cut it out, leaving a 1/4 ” seam tolerance.
3. After that, turn your sock inside out. Fold the rims down and sew. Turn it inside out again.
4. Decorate the glove sewing a pretty felt heart. !

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