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Fantastic DIY Stone Floor Mat – Free Guide and Tutorial

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What better way of breathing new life into your bathroom or indeed any room of the home than by hand-making your very own sublime-quality stone floor mat? Often seen in home improvement stores carrying seriously hefty price tags, you probably won’t believe how easy and affordable it can be to make even BETTER mats yourself!

As something of an entrance feature, an addition to the bathroom or even for use in an outdoor living space, you’ll find that nothing does the job better than natural stone. Create a decorative floor mat for the living room or a unique way of setting off the kitchen’s décor – chances are you’ll find yourself putting a few together in various shapes and sizes to use all over the home.

Stone Floor Mat: Supplies

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In terms of what you’ll need to get started, just a few basic supplies are all that’s needed to knock out these genuinely knockout mats:

  1. Outdoor Rubber Mat (Make Sure It Has Holes Or Spaces For Water To Drain)
  2. Smooth Ocean or River Stones (Porous, Not Slick or Polished)
  3. Waterproof Clear Silicone Sealer
  4. Plastic Drop Cloth Or Old Shower Curtain

That’s really all you’ll need – no heavy tools, no electrical equipment and really no DIY skills required! It’s the kind of craft project where you really cannot go wrong as the whole idea is to come up with something 100% unique and 100% random every time!

It’s also the kind of project that’s safe to get the whole family involved with – why not make a few extra to be given away as gifts?

You’ll find all you need to know in the instructional images on this page – good luck and happy crafting!

VIEW IN GALLERYdiy stone mat tutorial

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Making the mat, sounds and is simple. But for those of you who’d need a tutorial for this, please check out Sasha from Tattooed Martha for all pictures.