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Wonderful DIY Creative Watermelon Grill Centerpiece

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A watermelon grill is a functional, edible centerpiece. This is an amazing idea that takes healthy eating and makes it extremely creative. Let your guests at your next backyard barbecue serve themselves to some healthy fruit kabobs from this creative watermelon grill !


— 1 round watermelon
— 3 celery stalks (soak in cold water in the refrigerator overnight to stiffen)
— Blackberries
— Assorted fruits (cut into chunks)
— Small cucumber or zucchini
— Wooden skewers
— Toothpicks


1. Take your watermelon and punch out three holes. These will be for your legs using the celery stalk. Make sure the holes are a bit smaller than your sticks of celery.
2. Slice the watermelon in two. Make sure the bottom piece is larger and thicker than the top piece (the lid of the grill).
3. Take your melon baller and hollow your watermelon out. Save the juicy, pink balls for your kabobs!
4. Poke through 7 or so skewers into the sides of the larger watermelon bowl all the way into the other side so it creates a grill. You could do this before or after you place the skewers in the top but fill the bowl with blackberries so it looks like coal!
5. Cut off the ends of the skewers so that they’re touching the edge of the watermelon .
6. Time to insert your base! Stick your three celery sticks into the holes you made earlier. If you need to widen them, do so, but make sure they’re tight on the sticks for stability.
7. Stick on a variety of fruit to create your kabobs. This tutorial used: cantaloupe, strawberries, kiwis, blueberries, grapes, pineapple and watermelon!
9. For your final touch: the lid, use toothpicks to stick on a small piece of cucumber that you bent into an upside down U to make the handle. You can secure the lid so that it’s half off by piercing it into the bottom bowl with skewers.

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