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Beautiful DIY Red Paper Roses


Looking to add a bit of colour to your home but you don’t want to be “responsible” for cutting flowers and bringing them in? We have a solution. How about, instead of buying faux flowers from the shop, you make them yourself? Today we have a tutorial that will teach you how to make simple, yet elegant and unique paper roses. And we’ll show you another idea on how you can make them not just red or white or yellow : you can make them look like a rainbow.

The red paper roses can be easily made. You need paper, a glue gun, scissors and plenty of color. Oh, and get ready for a lot of paper rolling.

Take our word for it, these roses will grab attention whenever someone will visit. They can be a great centerpiece for you, or if you decide to gift someone, for someone else’s living room. The full tutorial is available on Minifilcus” (Translated Version), but be advised what you’ll see is being translated, so ignore any possible language mistakes.

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If you’re going to do paper roses for yourself, please don’t forget to let us know how it went; how difficult it is and how it turned out. Hope you like it. And don’t forget to check the rainbow roses below, too. You can make these in paper, too.

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