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9 Valentine’s Day Mailboxes for Kids

If you’re planning a Valentine’s party for your kids, then a Valentine’s day mailbox is the perfect accessory to have for them to stash all their love letters or any other gifts they may receive. This is the perfect project to get your kids involved with and doesn’t too long to make at all. So put your creative hat on and check out the amazing selection that we have in store for you today. The hardest part of it all will be choosing the one you love the most!

1. DIY Despicable Me Valentine Box

VIEW IN GALLERYDIY Despicable Me Valentine Box

This is a super cute Valentine’s box that your children will love once it’s finished. Get the kids together and have some fun as you all construct this popular character from Instructables.

2. Camper Valentine’s Box

VIEW IN GALLERYCamper Valentine’s Box

This bright and colourful box will be a popular display this Valentine’s and is sure to attract some secret admirers. Get your creativity flowing with your kids and you work together to make this unique camper. Check it out at Suzy’s Sitcom for more information.

3. Girl’s Valentine’s Box

VIEW IN GALLERYGirl’s Valentine’s Box

This pretty in pink Valentine’s day box is the perfect accessory for your little girl to have this year. She’ll love the fluffy pink edging and the pink flowers. What’s even better is that you can personalise the box with their name. Head over to Susie Stamp A Lot and get started with your own version of super-cute DIY!

4. Birdhouse Valentine’s Box

VIEW IN GALLERYBirdhouse Valentine’s Box

This cute Valentine’s box is an adorable creation that will delight your young ones this year. Include them with this project and watch them as they see all the cards they receive on Valentine’s day. To make your own, check out Faith, Love, Hope.

5. DIY Frozen Valentine’s Box

VIEW IN GALLERYDIY Frozen Valentine’s Box

If your little girl is a fan of the Frozen film they will love this Valentine’s box that we have for you. One Artsy Mama will guide you on how to make your own frozen delight with detailed step-by-step instructions.

6. Red and Glitter Valentine’s Box

VIEW IN GALLERYRed and Glitter Valentine’s Box

This pretty Valentine’s box is a simple, striking box to make that will certainly attract many prospective Valentine’s this year. To make one for your little girl, check out Love Pomegranate House for more information.

7. DIY Unicorn Valentine’s Box

VIEW IN GALLERYDIY Unicorn Valentine’s Box

If you have a unicorn loving daughter in your household, then this unicorn Valentine’s box will certainly please them. To make your own, check out Artsy Fartsy Mama for more information.

8. Fringe Valentine’s Box

VIEW IN GALLERYFringe Valentine’s Box

This is a handy Valentine’s box that we found on Mom on Timeout and it is great to have if you need to transport a number of Valentine’s day cards to school and back.

9. Pastel Valentine’s Box

VIEW IN GALLERYPastel Valentine’s Box

This cute Valentine’s day box will be super fun to make with all the pastel colours to choose from to make your own. With its simple design and easy to make construction you’ll be able to have your own unique Valentine’s day box in less than a day. To make your own, check out Dream a Little Bigger for more information.