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Adorable Valentine’s Day Cupcake Designs

We’ve talked a lot about what a great opportunity for baking Valentine’s Day is but, I mean, can you blame us? Anyone who has ever enjoyed a delicious seasonal baked good at work or at school around the holiday knows exactly why we’re so obsessed with Valentine’s Day themed desserts! There are plenty of different kinds you can make, but when it comes to getting the perfect combination of delicious flavour and adorable presentation, few things are better than cupcakes.

Check out these 15 mouthwatering cupcake flavours, ideas, and designs that make the perfect treat for Valentine’s Day; whether you make them with your kids, take them to work, or eat them all yourself!

1. Gluten free Valentine’s funfetti cupcakes

VIEW IN GALLERYGluten free Valentine's funfetti cupcakes

For some people, cupcakes, though delicious, are really just a big excuse to use, look at, and eat tiny sugary sprinkles in all shapes, sizes, and colours. We love sprinkles too, and possibly our favourite kind of cupcake to enjoy them with is funfetti! You’ll get to find new colours, especially red and pink for Valentine’s Day, with each bite. Check the recipe out on Girl Cooks World.

2. Vegan red velvet cupcakes

VIEW IN GALLERYVegan red velvet cupcakes

Red velvet cupcakes are great any time of year, with their rich texture, irresistible cream cheese icing, and novelty colour, but they’re particularly seasonal looking on Valentine’s Day! Much like Cinnamon Girl Delights, who has one of our very favourite red velvet cupcake recipes around, we’ll take just about any excuse to make these treats for ourselves and everyone around us. As an added bonus, these ones are vegan!

3. Gluten free vanilla raspberry swirl cupcakes

VIEW IN GALLERYGluten free vanilla raspberry swirl cupcakes

Maybe you don’t need a fully vegan recipe but you do need it to be gluten free? Then you’ll be please to know that these vanilla raspberry swirl cupcakes are not only gluten free and perfectly coloured for the season, but also totally delicious! Gluten Free Canteen guides you through the process of making them. We love the little heart-shaped sprinkles on top!

4. Vegan chocolate cherry cupcakes

VIEW IN GALLERYVegan chocolate cherry cupcakes

Valentine’s Day is one of the best excuses we’ve ever known for enjoying cherry flavoured things in mass quantities and cupcakes are no exception! We were pretty excited when we stumbled across this chocolate cherry cupcake recipe by Namely Marly because we have a lot of vegan friends, family, and coworkers and we love that we can all enjoy the same delicious batch together.

5. Mini cupcake ombre heart

VIEW IN GALLERYMini cupcake ombre heart

Have you always been one to emphasize presentation when it comes to adorable baked goods? Are you throwing a Valentine’s Day party that you hope will rival the one you through last year? Then this ombre cupcake heart by Martha Stewart might be exactly what you’re looking for! We feel pretty confident in saying that it’ll be a wonderfully unique thing to see for most of your guests.

6. Red velvet Cupid’s arrow cupcakes

VIEW IN GALLERYRed velvet Cupid's arrow cupcakes

One of our very favourite things about Valentine’s Day is how many people pull cute little Cupid gimmicks featuring arrows when they decorate or bake for parties. No matter how the arrow theme is used, we’re always huge fans of the idea. That’s why we fell so in love with these cute little Cupid’s arrow cupcakes from Bakerella! Sprinkle them with a few tiny hearts to really drive the theme home.

7. Heart stencil brownie cupcakes

VIEW IN GALLERYHeart stencil brownie cupcakes

In case you’ve never visited our site before, let us tell you right now: we are huge fans of recipes that combine one delicious treat with another. That’s why we got so excited when we  found this delicious recipe on Rise and Shine Catering for brownie cupcakes! You read that right- these are literally little cupcakes made with brownie batter, giving them a chewier, more fudgy texture than most recipes. As if that’s not awesome enough, the tutorial even teaches you how to stencil and negative stencil icing sugar hearts on top!

8. Sweetheart rose cupcakes

VIEW IN GALLERYSweetheart rose cupcakes

Have you joined the trend yet when it comes to floral foods? We’ve been pretty big fans of recipes made with edible flowers lately too, but nothing else we’ve tried so far compares to these amazingly fragrant and deliciously sweet cupcakes made with rosewater! Joy the Baker shows you how to make the cupcakes and decorate them so they’re totally Valentine’s Day appropriate.

9. Sweet cherry chip cupcakes

VIEW IN GALLERYSweet cherry chip cupcakes

You’ve definitely had chocolate chips before and you’ve probably had caramel chips or Skor chips too, but have you ever tried how delicious cherry chips are? If the answer was yes, then we’ve found the recipe for you. If the answer was no then you’re missing out on a whole world of Valentine’s Day flavour (even though we’d totally indulge in these any time of year). Check the whole recipe out on Bakingdom!

10. Red-hot velvet cupcakes with cinnamon frosting

VIEW IN GALLERYRed-hot velvet cupcakes with cinnamon frosting

Have you always liked baked goods, but sometimes you crave something with a little more unique twist to it? Do you like flavourful spices in the rest of your diet but you don’t always see recipes that will incorporate that into sweet things? Well, Food Network is here to fix that for you! When we say these cupcakes are smothered in hot cinnamon icing, we don’t mean the sweet, calm cinnamon taste you’d find in a morning bun. We mean fiery hot cinnamon like cinnamon heart candies!

11. Alphabet cookie message cupcakes

VIEW IN GALLERYAlphabet cookie message cupcakes

Are you making enough cupcakes for a big group, like your kids’ school classes, your office, or a group of party guests? Then you’re probably making enough cupcakes to spell out a message too! We love the way BHG used little cookies that have been iced and sprinkled to spell Valentine’s Day messages like “Be Mine” by pressing the letters into the icing on top of their cupcakes!

12. Conversation heart cupcakes

VIEW IN GALLERYConversation heart cupcakes

Do you love the Valentine’s message idea but you’d rather something cute a kitschy rather than adding an entire cookie on top of your cupcakes? Then consider making these adorable like conversation heart cupcakes instead! They look like the classic candy and all you need to do is practice your icing lettering skills just a bit before you start. Get the full details on Buzzfeed.

13. Dark chocolate raspberry buttercream cupcakes

VIEW IN GALLERYDark chocolate raspberry buttercream cupcakes

Did you love the sound of the raspberry cupcakes we talked about earlier on this list but you weren’t enthused by the fact that they were vanilla cupcakes? Well, in case your tastes are a little richer than subtle vanilla cake will give you, here’s a dark chocolate version that still looks like a Valentine’s Day extravaganza and is borderline decadent in taste. Check out the recipe on Sweetapolita.

14. Red velvet pomegranate rose cupcakes

VIEW IN GALLERYRed velvet pomegranate rose cupcakes

We love simple, classic red velvet cupcakes any time of year, like we’ve told you about eight times already in this post alone, but sometimes it’s nice to put a little spin on your favourite things. Buttercream Chantilly did that to these red velvet cupcakes by adding pomegranate to the list of flavours and we’re so grateful for it! We also love the idea of icing them to look like little roses.

15. Heart in a cupcake

VIEW IN GALLERYHeart in a cupcake

What’s even more of a fun Valentine’s Day novelty than a cupcake with little heart shaped sprinkles or stencils on top? Well, a cupcake  with a surprise heart inside is a pretty good guess! Bake It In a Cake guides you through the process of creating two different colours of batter and working a little bit of baking magic to make the heart inside.

It is time for some sweet love!