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9 Ways To Upcycle Old Tires

Aren’t you tired of looking at those old tires you have in your garage? Yes, the tires can tire you and because we don’t want you to be tired anymore, here are some fun ideas for your tires. (Wow, when was the last time we had such a tongue twister?!) In all seriousness, you can make use of them for toys, furniture, planters and a whole lot more. They can go from a dusty, abandoned item to an element of importance inside of your home!

Check out 9 ways to upcycle old tires and make something totally amazing out of them!

1. Trendy Rope Table

VIEW IN GALLERYTrendy Rope Table

Rope tables are very trendy, which is really just a nice word for expensive. Make your wallet happy by upcycling an old tire and turning it into this gorgeous table, all by yourself! While They Snooze provides you with a very detailed tutorial!

2. Floating Tire Planters

VIEW IN GALLERYFloating Tire Planters

Why settle for regular flower pots when you can stand out and put your lovely plants into a tire? Not only does it look incredibly unique, it also gives the illusion of floating! This idea will catch absolutely every eye, so if you want your flowers to be noticeable, see how Recaptured Charm did it!

3. Garden Pond


Having a pond in your garden definitely makes it something very special. You may think that realizing this idea would be too complicated, but all you have to do is find an old tire eager to be upcycled and you’ve already made your first step towards a beautiful pond! Don’t believe us? Visit Handimania and see for yourself!

4. Dog Bed


We can’t guarantee you that this idea will magically convince your dog to love their bed more than yours, but they will most likely find it incredibly interesting and fun to climb into. Paint it to your (dog’s) favorite color, put a fluffy pillow inside and the bed is all set! You can even decorate it by writing your pup’s name on it! Make your four legged best friend happy, have fun with it and visit Practically Functional for the instructions!

5. Rocking Toys


Kids are always happy to see new toys! Surprise your youngest ones by making them these cute little rockers by According To Boyle! You can even invite them into the making-of process, since it’s a great opportunity to teach them about the beauty of upcycling (and how toys don’t grow on trees).

6. Old-Fashioned Swing


Ah, good old-fashioned tire swings that we all loved so much when we were kids. Whether you decide to give this project a go for the sake your kids or for yourself, there is no denying that it will bring some sweet nostalgia into your life. Hometalk has the instructions!

7. Sandbox


Who knew that making a sandbox was this simple?! Well, C.R.A.F.T did! This sandbox is so quick to make and it comes with a lid, which is just incredibly practical! Your little human will definitely be the coolest little human in the neighborhood, because we hear that having a private sandbox is the kid equivalent of having a private jet!

8. Ottoman


Make a cozy and comfy ottoman to compliment your living room! Once you reveal to people what it’s actually made of, they won’t be able to believe it. Some of your friends might even ask you to make it for them, too! Find the detailed how-to at Instructables and get to work!

9. Coffee Table


Another table idea; a bright and fun coffee table with a glass top! Madcap Frenzy used it for her deck, but it is honestly a perfect fit for anywhere you need a dynamic coffee table to shake up the routine!