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Adorable and Creative: 10 Ways to Upcycle Tin Cans 

Tin cans are something all of us use very often and throw away just as often. After we’re done eating the soup, sauce or beans we throw the can in the trash and think no more of it. Today we’re letting you know about an alternative to throwing away all those cans! How about, instead of tossing them in the bin, you save them and give them a makeover? If you’re hungry for ideas, this roundup of 10 adorable and creative ways to upcycle tin cans is one you can’t miss!

1. Tin Can Planters 


The simplest way to give your used tin cans a new purpose is to transform them into planters! Their small size makes them perfect for tiny house plants, such as succulents, that don’t need much maintenance and don’t take up much space, either. Freebie Finding Mom will help you make them!

2. Tin Can Herb Garden 


The idea of a tin can used as a planter led us to Ruffled, where we found a great way to create your very own little herb garden that you can keep right in your kitchen, so you always have your favorite herbs at hand when you’re cooking. The herb garden has a timeless look, thanks to the silvery color of tin cans!

3. Tin Can Candles 


A table is not properly set without a centerpiece. Even if you want to keep things minimal, it’s always good to decorate the center of your table with something personal and heartwarming. A Beautiful Mess showed us how old tin cans can be turned into candles and placed on the table to make it look cozy and beautiful!

4. Tin Can Lantern 


Lanterns are known to be very romantic. They have the power to create a whimsical atmosphere with their warmth and gentle light. If you’re willing to give your lanterns a more unique look, Deco Art can show you how to make them out of tin cans.

5. Tin Can Wine Rack 


Looking for a quick way to make a wine rack? Use up the tin cans as instructed by Brit + Co and create the most wonderful wine bottle display for your home! This wine rack is easy to move around so you don’t have to decide on a permanent place for it, which gives your kitchen a chance of variety!

6. Tin Can Ornaments 


Forget the classic Christmas tree ornaments that everybody uses. It’s way past time to replace them for something more special and personalized, something that will set your Christmas tree apart from all the rest! The Thinking Closet has a lovely idea for tin can ornaments!

7. Tin Can Drums 


Homemade instruments are a wonderful DIY project to make together with your musically gifted children! They will value these instruments even more if they are the ones that gave you a helping hand in making them! Visit A Beautiful Mess to learn how basic tin cans can become extraordinary handmade drums!

8. Tin Can Bird Feeder 


Taking care of birds in your garden is a very honorable thing to do. Humans and animals have always shared a special bond and coexisted in the most wonderful ways.  Did you know that a bird feeder can be made by upcycling some tin cans? What a sweet way to take care of the little feathery creatures! You can count on Birds & Blooms to provide you with the details.

9. Tin Can Desk Organizer 


If you’re looking for a modern desk organizer that has a timeless appeal, Mountain Modern Life has the perfect project for you. Allow some time for the tin cans to pile up, then turn them into the most beautiful, metallic desk organizer that will be a truly stunning piece in your office.

10. Tin Can Vase 


You never know when you’ll get a bouquet from a secret admirer or encounter some charming florals on a walk. That’s why it’s good to always keep a vase at hand! In order to learn how to quickly make a lovely vase by upcycling a tin can, we’re trusting you into Live Laugh Rowe‘s hands!