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Mother’s Day Craft: Upcycle that Old T-Shirt into an Awesome Scarf

VIEW IN GALLERYOld T-Shirt turned into Scarf and Necklace

What are you planning to get your mom this Mother’s Day? That is a question that leaves many of us scratching our head and often rushing to the store last-minute, to buy something cool that also seems unique. But this Mother’s Day, you can really gift her something special, cool, upcycled and handmade! It is a fabulous scarf that can be made right at home.

All you need to craft this snazzy T-shirt scarf is an old T-shirt and a pair of scissors. From here on in, it is just all about cutting, weaving and a hint of creativity! That’s pretty much it and you will not have to wrestle with crochet hooks or dig into your sewing skills for this. In fact, it’s a perfect craft for the little ones with some adult supervision!

VIEW IN GALLERYold tshirt recycled into scarf

VIEW IN GALLERYold tshirt becomes cool scarf

So, here is the lowdown of it all. Just cut an old T-shirt (or two, if you prefer a more hip pattern) into thin strips and then braid them together real tight. Make sure you pick tees in colors that your mom (or whoever the scarf is for) will absolutely adore. The entire DIY idea barely takes up an hour and you can even alter the pattern and braiding style to create cool, colorful necklaces.

Check out the DIY video:

YouTube video

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