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Presenting the Perfect You: Unique Makeup Tips To Make Your Life Easier!

When it comes to makeup, practice makes perfect! There are many little DIY alterations and techniques you can learn, however, that will make doing your makeup easier. Some will even make your products last longer or let you use them in a more versatile way!

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Check out these awesomely useful makeup “hacks”!

1. Turn an eyeliner pencil into liquid liner

VIEW IN GALLERYLiner pencil to liquid liner

(Source: Cosmopolitan)

If you suddenly realize you’ve run out of liquid liner, heat up the tip of your black liner pencil carefully using a lighter. The warmed pencil will glide on like liquid!

2. Cover your lid in white liner

VIEW IN GALLERYWhite liner on lid

(Source: Stina Sanders)

Covering your entire lid in white eyeliner lays a solid base for your eye shadow that will make colours and pigments really pop.

3. Credit card cat’s eye

VIEW IN GALLERYCredit card cats eye

(Source: Stina Sanders)

Use the edge of a credit card (or any card you’re not using in your wallet) to guide your liner into the perfect, straight wing.

4. Protect your lids with a spoon

VIEW IN GALLERYSpoon mascara

(Source: Cosmopolitan)

Place a spoon over your eyelid when you apply mascara to avoid having your lashes imprint on your perfectly blended shadow.

5. Shadow your hair parting

VIEW IN GALLERYShadow on hair parting

(Source: Stina Sanders)

Find a matte powder shadow that matches your hair colour and lightly brush some into your hair parting. Shadowing your parting disguises the scalp and makes your hair appear fuller and thicker.

6. Save mascara with saline solution

VIEW IN GALLERYSaline solution in mascara

(Source: Cosmopolitan)

Has your mascara gotten too dry a little too fast even though there’s a lot left? Instead of throwing it out, revive it with a couple drops of contact solution!

7. Make a new shade of lipstick

VIEW IN GALLERYPigment lipstick

(Source: Cosmopolitan)

Create your own custom lipstick shade by mixing mineral eye shadow pigment with petroleum lip gloss.

8. Clear mascara tames eyebrows


(Source VIEW IN GALLERYClear mascara tames eyebrows(Source: Stina Sanders)

A light coat of clear mascara keeps stray brow hairs in check.

9. Change up your concealer shape

VIEW IN GALLERYConcealer shapes

(Source: Stina Sanders)

Try changing up the shape of your concealer blend when you cover dark circles! An upside down triangle shape will blend more effectively and provide better coverage than sweeping concealer back and forth across the under eye area.

10. Use an X on your Cupid’s bow


(Source: Beauty92)

Tracing the shape of your Cupid’s bow with an X gives you the perfect guidelines for filling your lips in to their best shape.

11. Set your lipstick with a tissue and powder

VIEW IN GALLERYTissue lip set

(Source: Cosmopolitan)

Placing a tissue against your lips before you set with translucent powder provides a small barrier so the powder doesn’t clump in your lipstick as it sets.

12. Use a bobby pin on false lashes

VIEW IN GALLERYBobby pin glue applicator

(Source: Cosmopolitan)

Bobby pins make great, precise lash glue applicators.

13. Plump your lashes with translucent powder

VIEW IN GALLERYPlump lashes with translucent powder

(Source: Cosmopolitan)

Make your lashes look thicker and fuller by applying translucent powder between mascara layers.

14. Heat your lash curler with a hair dryer

VIEW IN GALLERYHeat your lash curler

(Source: Cosmopolitan)

Using a blow dryer to heat your lash curler a little bit will help you curl your lashes more dramatically, and it will also help them last longer.

15. Pound sign smoky eye

VIEW IN GALLERYPound sign smoky eye

(Source: Cosmopolitan)

Sketching a light pound sign on an angle in the corner of your eye will help you blend it out in the perfect smoky eye shape.

Do you have other DIY makeup hacks that you don’t see here? Share them with us in the comments section!