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10 DIY Vases For Your Beautiful Flowers

Flowers brighten up every room, but it is where we put them that essentially brings out the best in them. Sometimes you flip through a home décor magazine and see amazing vases holding the flowers, wondering where people even find them! Well … what if they find you? Because they just did! Here are 10 ideas for DIY vases that you can try out at home and make the loveliest place to put your flowers in.

1. Wine Cork Vase

VIEW IN GALLERYWine cork vase

This unique but classy idea will definitely add a special touch to any room! Perhaps you’ve been hiding away your wine cork collection this whole time? This use of them is judgement free – we promise! Design Improvised gives you the instructions!

2. Rope Vase


Nautical theme is always in! Julie Blanner shares how you can make this stunning vase that will remind you of the boat, the sea and the wind in your hair!

3. Light Bulb Vase

VIEW IN GALLERYLight bulb vase

When a light bulb goes out, a vase comes in! These are really great for a more discrete option or maybe for when your kids pick little flowers from the meadow and they’re just too small to fit into a regular, bigger vase. Visit Akamatra to see how it’s done!

4. Penny Vase

VIEW IN GALLERYGorgeous DIY Penny Vase

All those pennies rolling around in our wallets finally have a chance to shine! Decorate a vase with them and make a unique placeholder for all the flowers you receive from your loved ones! Go to NE Home Life to learn the details!

5. Library Vase

VIEW IN GALLERYOld books turned into a cool vase

This one is for all the bookworms out there! It doesn’t matter if you already have books lying around in literally every single room of the house – why not make a vase out of them too?! It comes especially handy if you have a bunch of old books you don’t know what to do with! Head over to Woman’s Day to see the incredibly simple instructions!

6. Sweater Vase


Major winter cozy feelings!!! Sweaters are one of the best things ever to happen to humans and now, they’re also one of the best things ever to happen to flowers! Ha! Stephanie Lynn knows exactly what we’re talking about!

7. Lego Vase

VIEW IN GALLERYColorful Lego Vase

How about we save your life and you never have to step on (or trip over) a Lego ever again? Sounds like a good idea? Of course it does! Gather up those evil Legos that pray upon your feet and make a stunning, creative vase out of them! Fab Art DIY shares the how-to!

8. Driftwood Vase

VIEW IN GALLERYHomemade driftwood vase

If you love all things outdoors, this vase is made for you! It makes the flowers seem so alive and brings mother Nature straight into your home! Simplicity in the South shows you how to make it in just a few quick and easy steps!

9. Beer Bottle Vase

VIEW IN GALLERYBeer bottle vase

We love this idea by Brit+Co! Maybe you’ve had some friends over for a football game and are now faced with empty beer bottles that are just waiting to be upcycled! Heal your hangover by being crafty and make some stunning vases from the beer bottles!

10. Pringles Vase

VIEW IN GALLERYPringles vase

Nobody could ever guess this vase is made from a Pringles container! It looks chic and natural, but once you know its secret it may cause cravings for chips! Don’t say we didn’t warn you! Fab You Bliss guides you through all the steps, so grab that Pringles container we know you have at hand and get cracking!


Hopefully you have found a match for your beautiful flowers! May your chosen vase brighten up the flowers as they brighten up your day!