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15 Cute DIY Dresses and Skirts for Spring

Shopping for a new season can be exciting, especially when spring brings the perfect warm weather for cute skirts and dresses! Shopping sprees, however, aren’t necessarily budget friendly or space friendly. Instead of spending a lot of money and jamming more things into your closet, why not make your own design or alter something you already own?

Check out these adorable (and surprisingly easy) patterns for sewing and altering cute spring skirts and dresses!

1. Super simple beginner skirt

VIEW IN GALLERYSuper Simple Beginner Skirt

Shrimp Salad Circus gives you the perfect learning pattern! This simple design helps you sew a cute skirt in just a few easy steps.

2. Easy peasy skirt with pockets

VIEW IN GALLERYEasy peasy skirt

Do you like the simple beginner skirt but wish it was more practical for carrying things? Add a little extra style and use with Everything Etsy‘s pocket variation.

3. The easiest skirt in the world 

VIEW IN GALLERYThe easiest skirt in the world

Find some fabric you like, grab some elastic, and get ready to practice zig zag stitching on your sewing machine! Hand Made Mess shows you how to make this easy skirt in a very simple tutorial.

4. Very gathered skirt

VIEW IN GALLERYVery gathered skirt

Elemental Carbon shows you how to make this simple gathered skirt featuring full, feminine pleats that give the whole look volume.

5. 50s vintage inspired DIY dress kit

VIEW IN GALLERY50s vintage inspired DIY kit dress

Do you want to make your own dress but feel like you need a little more guidance than just a tutorial or pattern? Check out this gorgeously vintage DIY kit by Dainty Rascal!

6. Maternity pencil skirt 

VIEW IN GALLERYEasy maternity pencil skirt

Expecting mama’s like DIY too! Check out how Cotton & Curls saves a little money by altering things rather than buying brand new maternity skirts.

7. Purple and silver pillow case skirt

VIEW IN GALLERYPurple and silver pillow case dress

Upcycled material can come from all kinds of places in your house! If you don’t have another piece of clothing you want to alter, why not make a simple dress from a pillow case like Krug the Thinker did?

8. Polka dot pencil skirt

VIEW IN GALLERYPolka dot pencil skirt

Are you looking for a new DIY project that doesn’t take a lot of time but does look adorable? Check out this 15 minute skirt tutorial from Say Yes!

9. Charlotte skirt sewalong

VIEW IN GALLERYCharlotte skirt sewalong

By Hand London shoes you the process, step by step, of sewing this amazing pencil skirt featuring stylishly seamed pleats.

10. Sorbetto dress

VIEW IN GALLERYSorbetto dress

For sewers with a little more experience, check out how Little Home by Hand created this adorable loose dress by combining two different patterns.

11. Tulle skirt


Sew Much Ado shows you how to make this whimsical, feminine tulle skirt in fewer steps than you think!

12. Cherry pickin’ dress

VIEW IN GALLERYcherry pickin' dress alteration

Lyllosmig reminds you that sometimes alterations are the key to really great DIY clothing. Check out this tutorial for altering a loose fitting dress into a spring dress with a cut out!

13. Boho maxi dress

VIEW IN GALLERYBoho maxi dress

Long flowing dresses are a timeless style, and they’re also perfect for spring before the heat really picks up. Check out Sweet Verbena‘s simple DIY maxi dress pattern!

14. Lace mini skirt


By Wilma shows you how to make a lace mini skirt that can be classed up for formal events or dressed down for some casual prettiness.

15. Polka dot denim skirt

VIEW IN GALLERYPolka dot denim skirt

Most prints on skirts are line up specifically to be visually appealing, rather than just splashed on randomly. DIY in PDX shows you how to measure and space fabric paint polka dots on a denim skirt to make sure they look even and adorable.

Do you know someone who loves altering clothing and making their own seasonal wardrobe? Share this post with them for a little springtime inspiration!