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Fun Crafts to Make with Paper Clips

Sometimes the best crafts are the ones you can make with supplies you already have! If you’re anything like us, most of these easy-access supplies can be found in the office, and probably in mass quantities. The supply we’re probably most guilty of hoarding is definitely paper clips!

There’s always a DIY solution to having too many office supplies, though! Check out these awesome ideas for making crafts with simple paper clips.

1. Heart-shaped page markers

VIEW IN GALLERYHeart-shaped page markers

(Source: How About Orange)

Things like studying don’t have to be plain and boring. Bending your paper clips so each page you mark has a heart on it will brighten the process a little.

2. Heart-shaped paper clip earrings

VIEW IN GALLERYHeart-shaped paper clip earrings

(Source: Pitter and Glink)

Speaking of how easy it is to bend paper clips into hearts, check out these adorable earrings! Paper clips, embroidery floss, and earring hooks are all you need.

3. Beaded paper clip ring


(Source: Snazzle Craft)

Grab a few cute seed beads and a pair of needle nose pliers and get bending! don’t forget to measure your finger before you finish bending everything into place.

4. Paper clip chain necklace

VIEW IN GALLERYPaper clip chain necklace

(Source: The Joy of Fashion)

Many kinds of paper clips already come in fun colours, making them cool to look at before you’ve even started. Choose differently coloured clips and make simple chains for a cool upcycled necklace effect.

5. Paper clip spiral bracelet

VIEW IN GALLERYPaper clip spiral bracelet

(Source: Craftster)

Unbend coloured paper clips and spiral them around the end of a pencil. Loop the spirals around each other until you’ve got enough links that the bracelet will slide over your hand!

6. Paper clip and tape necklace

VIEW IN GALLERYPaper clip and tape necklace

(Source: How About Orange)

Washi tape and paper clips make for easy, eye catching jewelry! Link them together in whatever shape you please.

7. Paper clip chain bracelet with paper beads

VIEW IN GALLERYDIY Paper clip chain bracelet with paper beads

(Source: I Love Paper Beads)

If you’ve ever made paper beads, then you’re already well prepared for making this cute, reclaimed link bracelet.

8. Paper clip name card holders

VIEW IN GALLERYPaper clip name card holders

(Source: Earnest Home Co)

A paper clip in combination with an old thread spool and some plain tags make for very cute name cards at each person’s dinner setting.

9. Paper clip spiral earrings

VIEW IN GALLERYPaper clip spiral earrings

(Source: Morning Creativity)

We can’t get enough of how cute coloured paper clips look when you unbend and spiral them! Check out these delicate little corkscrew earrings.

10. Paper clip angel decoration

VIEW IN GALLERYPaper clip angel decoration

(Source: The Crafty Mummy)

As long as you’ve got some ribbon and a matching bead, paper clips are all you’ll need to make delicate little angels for the Christmas tree.

11. Paper clip and magnet ice skater

VIEW IN GALLERYPaper clip and magnet ice skater

(Source: Small World Land)

Create this little skater from a bent paper clip and a drawing, then pop a magnet underneath the Altoids can to get her moving!

12. Beaded paper clip markers

VIEW IN GALLERYBeaded paper clip markers DIY craft

(Source: Think Crafts)

Whether you’re marking a recipe in a book or counted stitches on your knitting needles, these beaded paper clips are adorably decorative but still easy to make.

13. Paper clip wine glass markers

VIEW IN GALLERYPaper clip wine glass markers

(Source: Replayground)

Sometimes you need a solution to a problem right away! Your massive stash of coloured paper clips might come to the rescue while you’re hosting dinner.

14. Paper clip and button daisy

VIEW IN GALLERYPaper clip and button daisy

(Source: Damask Love)

This little paper clip daisy is cute looking, but it can also be practical for holding little reminders.

15. Paper clip Christmas cards

VIEW IN GALLERYColorful Paper Clip Christmas Cards

(Source: Paper Plates and Planes)

Reclaimed art makes a beautiful greeting, especially around the holidays!

Do you know someone with a notoriously large paper clip stash in their office? Share this post with them for a little bit of DIY inspiration!